YouTuber and Miranda Sings Creator Colleen Ballinger Welcomes Baby Boy

YouTube star Colleen Ballinger just welcomed her first child into the world.

Ballinger — the actress behind the bizarre character Miranda Sings — went into labor on Monday afternoon, Dec. 10, and now her baby boy is finally here.

"He's perfect," Ballinger wrote in a tweet following her little boy's birth.

As promised, Ballinger's son was born at a healthy size. In a vlog posted last week, she told her followers that the infant was already over eight pounds, according to her doctor. Ballinger was also painfully honest about the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, which she said were taking a toll on her body and her morale.

"If you're wondering how I'm doing, the answer is horrible," she said, laughing in her Instagram Story on Monday morning. However, she did not want her experience to dissuade other women.

"I've just had a really horrible, horrible, horrible pregnancy for some reason," she continued later. "But there's a lot of women out there who say that they have wonderful pregnancies, and those women are liars."

In her personal vlogs, Ballinger shared other unsavory side effects of her pregnancy, including lethargy, bloody noses and incontinence. Needless to say, she was eager for the newborn to arrive at last.

Even when announcing that she was in labor, Ballinger had time for a sardonic post or two. On Monday morning, fans suspected that she was close to giving birth when she tweeted simply: "Oh... my god."

Among the fans who interpreted this as a hint was singer Ariana Grande. She tweeted back at Ballinger, and later in the day Ballinger responded with a frantic "omgomgomg."

Ballinger was recently featured in Grande's "Thank U, Next" music video, breaking several records on YouTube and Vevo and further cementing herself within the mainstream.

Finally, just after 4 p.m. on Monday, Ballinger posted a photo of herself in a hospital bed. Even then she was still cracking jokes. The comedian was holding an iced Starbucks drink in one hand while puckering her lips indifferently at her phone in the other.


"Here we go," she wrote in the caption. On Instagram, she added a pregnant woman emoji, followed by a squirting water emoji and then a baby emoji.

Ballinger is best known for her satirical character Miranda Sings, who wears a thick halo of lipstick around her mouth and hopes to achieve fame through social media. She also has a strong following through her personal vlogs, however, and as she steps into motherhood, that following will likely only get stronger.