When Is Meghan Markle's Baby Due?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially on baby watch, meaning the world that eats up anything and everything Royal Family is also on high alert.

Prior reports have indicated a March or April birth for Baby Sussex, while some are pointing towards a late-April arrival at this point. But, given their rule-breaking track record to this point, could the baby have already arrived?

The frustrating fact is that we won't know until the Duke and Duchess want us to know. The couple has announced they are not going to reveal the exact date publicly. According to Buzzfeed News, the couple will once again break from tradition and keep the arrival of their child private.

"The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very grateful for the goodwill they have received from people throughout the United Kingdom and around the world as they prepare to welcome their baby," an official statement announced on Thursday. "Their Royal Highnesses have taken a personal decision to keep the plans around the arrival of their baby private."

The statement added that the couple looks forward to "sharing the exciting news with everyone once they have had an opportunity to celebrate privately."

The initial announcement of the pregnancy came in October 2019, confirming that the couple would be expecting a baby in the Spring of 2019. That means some detective work is needed to bridge the gaps and connect the dots for when we can likely expect the baby and the public announcement of the baby.

Town and Country magazine did a lot of legwork for their own investigation, pulling from several Royal correspondents to drop a pin in April for the official arrival.

According to the magazine, reporters Emily Andrews and Omid Scobie noted that the baby could arrive in March but was likely due in April because of Markle's timeline for her scans and her public statements. Markle also reportedly told onlookers during a trip to Birkenhead in January that she was six-months pregnant at the time. She also alleged floated an April date to someone else at the event, but that's very unconfirmed.

What we do know for sure at this point is that Markle has had a pair of baby showers. She is also reportedly no longer doing any international travel. Her last appearance overseas came in the wake of the New Zealand mosque massacre back in March.

That doesn't mean she's stopped working at home or altogether. A December report in Vanity Fair did note that Markle plans to work while pregnant.

"Meghan has told aides she wants to work as close to her due date next spring as possible," the report in Vanity Fair adds.

So where does that leave us? Buzzfeed has the date locked in within the next few weeks. Seeing how we're practically in mid-April, we could be seeing a royal baby by the end of the month or early May.

But here is the wild aspect that nobody seems to be thinking about. What is the newest member of the Royal Family has already arrived? Could it be possible that Markle and Prince Harry managed to keep it quiet this entire time and are currently in their announced private period as you read this?

The couple already relocated to Frogmore Cottage. The couple is not using Queen Elizabeth's medical team. And the couple is never missing an opportunity to skirt past traditions.


Their announcement itself is a part of breaking with tradition, meaning it wouldn't be a surprise to see that Markle and Harry have already welcomed their child to stick it to tradition once again.

There's little chance any of this is confirmed, but the only true fact is that the laws of nature and time can't be affected by Royal Decree. The baby is coming sooner rather than later so we can expect an onslaught of news before summer.