Tori Spelling Hospitalized

Spelling posted a photo from a hospital bed on Sunday, but she didn't elaborate on her condition.

Tori Spelling is back in the hospital this weekend, but it's not clear why. The reality star shared a photo of her wrist with an IV and a hospital bracelet dated Aug. 17 on her Instagram Story. She noted that while she is in the hospital, she is mostly thinking about her children.

"4th day here and I'm missing my kiddos so much," Spelling wrote. "Grateful and so proud of my strong, brave, resilient and kind to the core children who remain positive no matter what comes our way." The 50-year-old has five children – 16-year-old Liam, 15-year-old Stella, 11-year-old Hattie, 10-year-old Finn and 6-year-old Beau – all shared with her husband Dean McDermott. McDermott has not mentioned his wife's hospitalization on social media this weekend.

Spelling was hospitalized back in December with some kind of respiratory issue that had fans on social media concerned. At the time, she wrote: "Here I am in [the] hospital since late last night. To all of you who gas lit me when you were told I [was] too sick to work, well here I am... How about next time [you] take someone at face value and show kindness instead of doubtfulness."

Since then, Spelling has not given consistent updates on her health so it's not clear how that issue was resolved or if it might be related to this weekend's treatment. Either way, the actress has been in the headlines all summer thanks to speculation about her marriage. Back in June, McDermott made a post on Instagram announcing that he and Spelling were getting a divorce. However, he deleted the post within hours and the couple apparently changed their minds about that decision.

Still, fans looking for signs of discord have found plenty. Last month, Spelling reportedly told paparazzi: "I always look better on my own," which many fans interpreted as a sign that she and McDermott are separated. Meanwhile, Spelling was spotted at the beach with all of her children but not McDermott last week.

Spelling and McDermott have avoided commenting on these kinds of headlines directly, but for many fans, the silence has implications of its own. As for Spelling's health, she has no publicly-known history of illness or injuries, so fans can only guess what her condition is. Many are doing just that in the comment section of her latest posts.