'Teen Mom' Dad Cory Wharton Cuddles Daughter Ryder in Selfie After Hospitalization

Teen Mom dad Cory Wharton recently shared a selfie of him and his daughter Ryder cuddling, after the toddler's hospitalization scare.

In the photo, the adorable father and daughter duo can be seen smiling into the camera while Ryder rests her head on Wharton's shoulder.

“Early mornings cartoons,” the 27-year-old Teen Mom OG star captioned the post, according to Us Weekly. “Sorry you guys I haven’t been posting, I’m super paranoid about my teeth. I hate them I can’t wait to fix them. Tomorrow is March 5th y’all know what that means I’ll be 28.”

(Photo: Cory Wharton / Instagram)

Last month, Ryder — whom Wharton shares with ex Cheyenne Floyd — had to be admitted to the hospital for treatment related to complications of VLCAD, a congenital condition she was diagnosed with at birth.

Wharton was out of town when his daughter was admitted, prompting many to criticize him on social media. He quickly hit back at those chiding him and explained that he got on the first flight home when he heard she was ill.

“Ryder got sick while I was on vacation and once it got worst, I booked a flight home,” Wharton tweeted. “At this point I can’t care about everyone one else thinks I know what type of dad I am. I just want Ryder to get better.”

Following his Twitter post, Us Weekly spoke to Wharton and gave him an opportunity to defend himself more in-depth.

“While I rarely respond to public criticism, I felt the need this time to speak up because these claims are simply ridiculous and an attack on my character,” he told the outlet. “Anyone who has watched Teen Mom OG – and my social media – knows how involved I am in my daughter’s life and in co-parenting with Cheyenne.”


“Ryder is my life, and I love her so much and would never do anything that would have a negative impact on her,” Wharton continued. “Anyone who thinks anything of the opposite is an idiot and clearly doesn’t know who I am at all. As soon as I got back from my vacation, I raced to the side of my daughter in the hospital and was there to take her home as well.”

Thankfully, Ryder appears to be doing much better now.