Robin Thicke's Girlfriend April Love Geary Reveals Miscarriage

Robin Thicke's girlfriend April Love Geary opened up about suffering a miscarriage before the couple welcomed their daughter Mia Love in February.

On Wednesday, Geary, 23, took questions from her Instagram followers. One fan asked if she was scared of suffering a miscarriage, reports PEOPLE.

"I had one before Mia. But I'm not scared, worrying or stressing out too much isn't good for the baby. Life happens and we can't control everything," Geary replied.

Geary also told fans she was looking forward to learning the gender of their new baby this weekend. She also said people frequently judge the couple for not getting married before having children.

"Why are women so obsessed with telling me I need a ring? Getting married is the easy part, seeing how you are together after having babies is the hard part," Geary wrote on her Instagram Story. "We're in 2018. Not the 1950's. Women don't NEED to get married before having babies. Y'all need to chill."

The model also revealed that their second pregnancy was not planned, especially so soon after Mia's birth in February.

"My doctor is amazing and says everything looks perfect right now," Geary wrote. "I wanted to have them be close in age but it just happened to be very close in age haha."

Thicke, 41, and Geary announced that they will be welcoming another baby soon on Tuesday. Geary is 12 weeks along and the due date is March 10, Thicke's birthday.

"Well someone is going to be a big sister next year," Geary wrote on Instagram, alongside an adorable video of Mia holding Geary's ultrasound. "We're so excited to share with y'all that I'm expecting again! We find out Saturday if it's a boy or a girl! What do you guys think it's going to be? Forgot to mention the due date is Robins birthday!"

Since Mia was born, April has shared dozens of photos of her baby as she grows. In July, she admitted she was using formula to feed her baby, and said mothers should not be ashamed.

"Mia THICC. [By the way] she's been eating formula since three months. So it's true when they say, 'Fed is best,'" Geary wrote. "Mamas shouldn't feel ashamed that they have to formula feed their babies. They shouldn't feel scared that their baby 'wont get all the nutrients that breastfed babies get' or that they 'won't put on weight with formula.'"


Thicke also has an 8-year-old son, Julian Fuego, from his relationship with ex-wife Paula Patton. The two were married from 2005 to 2015. The two were involved in a long custody battle, which they finally settled in August 2017.

Photo credit: YANN COATSALIOU/AFP/Getty Images