Paris Hilton Reveals the Name of Her and Carter Reum's Baby Boy

Paris Hilton finally revealed the name of her and Carter Reum's baby boy. The This Is Paris star and her husband welcomed their first child together on Jan. 24 via a surrogate, but they declined to share his name at the time. Hilton, 41, announced Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum's name in the latest episode of her This Is Paris podcast.

In the special episode, Hilton said she started thinking about the name over 10 years ago. Then, she began reading an excerpt from her upcoming memoir, Paris: The Memoir, which will be released on March 14. Hilton also shared the segment on her Instagram page.

"If all goes well, by the time you read this, Carter and I will have a baby boy," Hilton said. "We plan to name him Phoenix, a name that I decided on years ago when I was searching cities, countries, and states on a map looking for something to go with Paris and London."

"Phoenix has a few good pop culture reference points, but more importantly it's the bird that flames out and then rises from the ashes to fly again," she continued. "I want my son to grow up knowing that disaster and triumph go around and come around throughout our lives. And that this should give us great hope for the future."

Phoenix's middle name Barron is a tribute to Hilton's grandfather, the late Barron Hilton, whom she considered a mentor. "I looked up to my grandfather so much, and we were so close, and I miss him every day," Hilton explained, notes PEOPLE. "So, I really wanted to honor him by having his name in my first son's name. So there you go. My beautiful baby boy's name is Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum."

Hilton and Reum, 42, never even announced they were expecting their first child before revealing Phoenix's birth last month. In her podcast, Hilton said they kept Phoenix's birth a secret from even their closest friends and family for a week. They wanted a period to enjoy this life-changing moment without everyone knowing.

"My entire life has been so public," Hilton told Harper's Bazaar in January. "I've never had anything for myself. We decided that we wanted to have this whole experience to ourselves."

In that same interview, Hilton said she thought she was asexual until meeting Reum. After several terrible sexual experiences, including the leaked 2004 sex tape and being targeted by a middle school teacher, she was "terrified" by "anything" sexual, she said. "It wasn't until Carter that I finally am not that way," Hilton said. "I enjoy hooking up with my husband."

Hilton now stars in the Peacock reality series Paris in Love. The first season chronicled her marriage, while the upcoming second season will cover her experience as a new mom. Hilton's dating series Parisland is set to launch on The Sandbox on Feb. 13.