Nicole Kidman Brings Daughters Sunday Rose and Faith to Their First Ever Movie Premiere

Nicole Kidman brought her daughters to their first ever film premiere last week to see her play Atlanna in DC Entertainment's Aquaman.

Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban, brought 10-year-old Sunday Rose and 7-year-old Faith Margaret to the massive premiere on Tuesday. The family attended the event in Los Angeles, where they saw the finished movie for the first time alongside other stars like Jason Momoa.

"It was really fun because my kids are inside and this is the first premiere they've ever been to," Kidman told E! News at the event. She added that they met up with friends at the screening — other celebrity children whom they have bonded with on set.

"So Keith has the girls inside and then we have the kids from Big Little Lies, and they're all friends, so they're all here," Kidman said. "So it's a kid's night. It's a kid premiere tonight."

Kidman plays Atlanna, the princess of Atlantis who has run away to the surface world. She falls in love with a human named Thomas Curry, and gives birth to a son named Arthur, who will grow up to become Aquaman. She has already been featured in one major fight scene released as part of an extended trailer, where she takes down a whole host of armored enemies with an ornate trident.

It is no wonder that Kidman was excited for her kids to see her in this movie, where she is more or less a super hero in her own right. Sunday and Faith are both from Kidman's current marriage to Urban, though she has two other kids as well. During her previous marriage to Tom Cruise, the couple adopted a daughter named Isabella, now 26, and a son named Connor, now 23.

In a recent interview with Variety, Kidman admitted that she has always been hesitant for her kids to see her on screen. Some roles, including her performance in Eyes Wide Shut, she is absolutely mortified for her offspring to see.

"It's incredibly exposing and vulnerable," Kidman said. "I'm actually scared how to explain some of the choices."

In the case of Aquaman, however, not only is Kidman excited, but she said that her daughters have expressed a huge interest in the movie.

"I loved it because my daughters were so interested, and they're not usually that interested," she said.


They finally got their wish on Tuesday, and the rest of us will not have to wait much longer. Aquaman gets its general release on Friday, Dec. 21.