Meghan Trainor Says Pregnancy Is 'So Different' the Second Time Around (Exclusive)

Meghan Trainor's second pregnancy is "so different" than her first. The "Made You Look" singer, 29, who is currently expecting her second baby with husband Daryl Sabara, opened up to about the first four months of her current pregnancy and getting "TMI" about giving birth in her new book, Dear Future Mama

"My first pregnancy, I didn't believe I was pregnant because I felt no symptoms," said Trainor, who also shares 2-year-old son Riley with Sabara, 30. "And I wrote a whole book about it called Dear Future Mama, where you get all of my TMI info and details about it. But this one's already so different that I'm like, 'I have to write a different book.'" 

Trainor said the major difference she's experienced this time around is the "exhaustion" of mothering a toddler while also creating a baby. "I think the exhaustion is tough because my husband will be like, 'I'm tired.' And I'm like, 'Are you tired? Because I'm growing a life,'" she quipped. "I'm tired. But [Sabara has] been so helpful and great." Trainor is also getting to the place where it's getting "harder to breathe" while holding Riley on her belly and putting him to bed. "And I'm like, how do I rock him to bed when I'm massive?" she wondered. 

Trainor said she's not sure if Riley fully understands he's about to be a big brother, but the toddler definitely knows something is going on. "We have a name already, so I've been pointing to my belly saying the name," she shared. "And I'll be like, 'Riley, what's this?' I'll point to my belly and he'll say, 'Baby,' and then the name. And we're like, does he know what's happening? I can't tell."

The "All About That Bass" singer also noted how hungry she is this second pregnancy, which is "great," being that she's partnered with Quaker Rice Cakes – which she called the perfect base for all sorts of creative recipes. "I'm always in for the crunchy/salty. ... I'll do an avocado toast moment, where I put guacamole on a lightly salted rice cake," she shared. "And then if I'm crazy and I have them I'll do pickled onions on top. And then my sweet [recipe] is easy – my caramel base with peanut butter. And if I'm extra crazy, I get my banana slices involved. ... I love that you can do so much with it." Trainor will even be sharing some of her Quaker Rice Cakes recipes on social media on TikTok and Instagram


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Trainor is hoping to share her unfiltered pregnancy experiences in her new book, Dear Future Mama, which will be released on April 25. Calling herself the "most fascinated geek" about all things pregnancy, Trainor admitted it was isolating being pregnant for the first time during COVID lockdowns without anyone to relate to all the changes happening to her body and life. "I was the youngest out of my group of friends to be like, 'I'm knocked up. Are you?' ... So I felt very alone," the "Dear Future Husband" artist explained. Luckily, the pregnant star has an "incredible" team to help her along the way, from her dietician to her trainer and her OB-GYN – and she's passing on the wisdom to her readers. 

"You learn a lot, but also you get TMI giggly moments from me that's like, 'My boobies were crazy.' I'm an open book. So you can get all the weird facts," Trainor joked. "My grandma's like, 'I can't wait to read it.' And I was like, 'You don't. Or skip the first chapter.'"