Kim Kardashian Transforms Family Into Creepy Crawlers for Third Halloween Costume Photo

Kim Kardashian unveiled yet another Halloween costume on Saturday, where her family was transformed into imposing bug-like creatures. The model has gone all out with group costumes this year, and this marks their third one. Kardashian called it "West Worms."

Kardashian and her husband, rapper Kanye West have always been big on making a splash. It looks like they are passing that trait on to their kids, who posed for three different group photos this Halloween. This time around, all six of them looked like insectoid creatures from some kind of science fiction movie, including baby Psalm, who was couched in a matching blanket.

Kardashian and West have four kids — 6-year-old North, 3-year-old Saint, 1-year-old Chicago and 5-month-old Psalm. The family is known to have a team of nannies on hand to help with their childcare, and they are sometimes criticized for having such a large family yet not caring for the kids themselves. This year's Halloween posts had many fans re-thinking that perception.

"Umm, Kim, you do know it's Nov. 2 right?" one fan commented on Instagram.

"So late but this is NEXT LEVEL y'all. You win Halloween!" tweeted another.

Others were more jaded than ever, especially when they saw West's full-face bug costume. Many speculated that the rapper was not really in those pictures, and that Kardashian had picked out his mask specifically in case he could not be there for the photoshoot.

"We're all on the same page that Kanye is not inside either of these costumes right?"

The previous group costume featured the family as the Flinstones, with West in a concealed dinosaur suit.

"Since you're Betty and Psalm is Bam Bam, why not just have Kanye be Barney Rubble?" one person wondered.

"I'm guessing because he wasn't actually there. No way he's in that Dino suit. Where's his head??" replied another.

Before that, Kardashian herself recreated Elle Woods' Harvard admission video from Legally Blonde, and West was nowhere in sight.

On Sunday, Kardashian posted yet another family costume where West's entire face was covered. Here, he and the kids dressed up like the characters from the 2016 animated movie Sing. West was dressed in a full-on gorilla suit.

"Kanye went trick or treating like this and could hardly fit in the car," she wrote with a laughing emoji.


Some fans were still not buying it, but Kardashian did not respond to the critics.