Kim Kardashian Reveals Miscarriage Scare While She Was Pregnant With Daughter North

In the past, Kim Kardashian has been open about the difficulties she experienced during her pregnancies with her eldest children, North West and Saint West (her two younger children, Chicago and Psalm, were delivered via surrogates). But, in a new interview with her attorney Laura Wesser, Kardashian explained just how difficult her pregnancy with North really was, as E! News noted.

Kardashian was a guest on Wasser's All's Fair podcast, during which she revealed that she actually experienced a miscarriage scare during her pregnancy with North. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star explained that when she got pregnant with her and Kanye West's first child, she was still legally married to her ex-husband, Kris Humphries. She noted that despite being in a relationship with West for seven months at that point, her future with him was still a bit up in the air. (The couple would later go on to wed in 2014.)

"It was all new territory to me and I was so scared," Kardashian said on the podcast regarding her pregnancy. "And, literally, I thought I had a miscarriage, 'cause I was really heavily bleeding and in so much pain in Miami. Went in, 'cause you have to go and do like a D&C (dilation and curettage) to clean out your miscarriage."

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"We ended up obviously having North, and I had a really bad pregnancy, I had preeclampsia, I delivered six weeks early, she was four pounds and I had something called placenta accreta, where the placenta grows inside your uterus," Kardashian continued. "It's honestly what people die from in childbirth, so you have to get the placenta out within a certain amount of time and you just can internally bleed."

The reality star added that her doctor had to "cut the placenta off with his hands" inside of her and that it consequently "left a hole" in her uterus.


"And so that muscle doesn't grow back," she added, noting that she was not able to get pregnant with her second child, Saint, right away. "After I had North, luckily I did go through the process of getting embryos and tried to get pregnant for about a year and a half, could not, and so they said I would probably not get pregnant, so I used one of the embryos and was able to get pregnant with Saint."

After her noted difficulties during pregnancy and delivery, Kardashian later sought out the help of surrogates to welcome her youngest children into the world. She and her husband welcomed daughter Chicago in January 2018 and son Psalm in May 2019.