Kim Kardashian Blasted by Fans for Latest Photo of Daughter North West

Kim Kardashian is getting blasted by fans over the latest photo she posted of her daughter North West.

The beauty mogul took to Instagram to share a picture of her two "girls," North and Chicago, but her followers are angry that the 5-year-old appears to be wearing make-up and not enough clothing.

"You need to slow down because North has markup on and she needs to be covered up more but she is beautiful," one user commented.

(Photo: Kim Kardashian / Instagram)

"North is beautiful but i think she should have a robe on over her nighty it's a bit too much," another person wrote.

"Look at north and then the pic of kim before this one..... I don't have kids but I know its not the 50's. Pedos would love this pic!! I would NEVER put my kid in a nighty with lips all over it," someone else said.

"Are you okay in the head? Don't get me wrong but she's 5 and the only wrong thing you can ever point out here, is the fact that people have begun to objectify her. That's sick," one other critic stated.

There have also been some who chastised Kardashian for what they felt were aesthetic augmentations on Chicago as well, such as the user who commented, "Did you wax Chicago's eye brows? From older pictures to now her eye brows look clean and perfect."

Not everyone has been critical of Kardashian's parenting, however, as some followers have come out to defend and encourage her.

"All these people saying North uses makeup, calm down. Who wasn't obsessed with makeup in their younger age? I remember I loved when my mom borrowed my some makeup," one fan said. "I don't see the makeup on her [to be honest], it could just be a filter anyways."

"Your daughters are so gorgeous! North looks so grown up in this pic and she is just stunning. Beautiful kids..all of them," another supporter gushed.

"I had a satin night gown when I was a little girl, very normal that are both beautiful, some people are just so weird," a third follower shared.

North will turn 6 years old in 2019, as she was born in 2013. On her first Mother's Day, in June 2014, Kardashian took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message about how North had impacted her life in such a short time.

"This little girl changed my world in more ways than I ever could have imagined. Being a mom is the most rewarding feeling in the world!" Kardashian wrote.


Photo credit: Instagram / Kim Kardashian