Kelly Ripa's Son Gets Put on The Spot About Her Vacation Photos During 'Live' Appearance

Kelly Ripa is not one to shy away from showing some PDA with her husband Mark Consuelos, but one of their recent vacation photos caught some attention. In fact, one of their sons was put on the spot about it. Ironically, he was being interviewed by his mother and her co-host Ryan Seacrest.

In a recent picture the mom-of-three shared, she was taking a selfie-styled photo of her and her husband that showed her bending over in front of him while he looks in awe of her behind. Those that follow the couple, this is nothing out of the ordinary for them. In the past their kids have said it grosses them out but they do love how much love their parents have for each other. So when Michael Joseph Consuelos, 24, was asked by Seacrest what he thought of his mom's most recent post, he almost didn't have the words.

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When he asked with a smile on his face and a slight stutter in his voice, he asked Seacrest if he was referring to their recent photo, and Seacrest and Ripa both said yes with a straight face — alluding to the beach photo everyone has been talking about. "The one recently where it was the..." he said according to E!. When his mom asked which one he meant, he said, "You know what I mean."

However, they quickly brought up images that were completely different that showed a few family photos and were not well-lit and with a sigh of relief, Michael laughed and commented on the photos referring to them as the "PG-rated ones." The mother-son duo joked about how sketchy the pictures looked because no one could see their faces because it was so dark. Ripa joked that her husband definitely took the photos, insinuating he doesn't know how to take a good picture. "I like it," Michael said. "It looks like witness protection. I think it's kind of cool. I think it's edgy," he said while his mother clearly did not approve despite her posting the photo anyways.


Ripa and Consuelos are no strangers to posting "edgy" photos that turn heads. The two said "I do" in 1996 to her man and nearly 30 years later, they still act as if they got married yesterday. While some have felt otherwise about the memories they've shared, several of her fans are in full support.