Kelly Ripa Jokes About Daughter Lola's Revealing Photos, Claims She'd Just Stay 'Naked' If Roles Reversed

When Kelly Ripa and her family were featured as part of PEOPLE's inaugural family issue, the Live with Kelly and Ryan host made some remarks about her daughter Lola Consuelos' revealing outfit. Although she did it all in good fun.

"If I had your figure, I'd be showing it off too," Ripa joked. "I'd be sitting her naked. I'd be sitting here, no clothes on, in the woods." The talk show host went on to share some other aspects about her feelings toward her daughter — and her wardrobe. "The one item of clothing that I would wear from my daughter's closet is every article of clothing she owns. If I could pull off your clothes, I would in a heartbeat. You've got the chicest sense of style and you wear everything with confidence."

Granted, Ripa conceded she wishes sometimes her daughter would dress a little more reserved, but seemed to admit it was a pipe dream. "Sometimes I think to myself, 'Gee, I wish she would put a sweater on. She looks cold.' I'm always glad when you don't because you have your own individual style and I just think you rock it."

Consuelos, meanwhile, said she admired her mom's willingness to fire back at negative commenters son social media. "Something my mom posts on social media that I would never is the comments back to the haters," she said. When Ripa chimed in that the fact she replies is why people follow her, Consuelos said it wasn't for her. "I just don't even think you should give them the time of day. I mean these people are sitting at home wishing they were you."

Ripa's daughter had also called out her the affection that her mother and father, Mark Conseuelos, still exhibit. "That's disgusting," Consuelos said. "I black that out of my mind. I forgot that you even did that. I don't even know if I follow you on Instagram still! I'm kidding, I would never." Granted, Consuelos has been known to comment on her parent's photos whenever they start getting doe-eyed.


In fact, when Ripa showed off her hubby's toned abs while in bed, she captioned the photo with, "This thirst trap Friday has been brought to you by the letters K and J." Lola jumped right in and commented, "I'm reporting this." However, her mom hilariously responded with, "Lola ... shouldn't you be reading a book or something."