Kelly Ripa's Daughter Lola Calls out Mom's 'Thirst Trap' Photos of Dad Mark Consuelos

Kelly Ripa may be feeling her husband Mark Consuelos but her kids are not here for their public display of affection via social media. While it's so secret Ripa is the proud wife of the actor, their kids are grossed out by their romance. Their daughter Lola jokes that she will never get used to her mom's "thirst trap" photos of Consuelos.

"That's disgusting," the 19-year-old told Ripa during an interview with PEOPLE. "I black that out of my mind. I forgot that you even did that. I don't even know if I follow you on Instagram still! I'm kidding, I would never." Lola has been known to comment on her parent's photos whenever they share gushy pictures of one another. When Ripa showed off her hubby's toned abs while in bed, she captioned the photo with, "This thirst trap Friday has been brought to you by the letters K and J." Lola jumped right in and commented, "I'm reporting this." However, her mom hilariously responded with, "Lola ... shouldn't you be reading a book or something."

The sweet mother-daughter-duo has been known to jokingly go back and forth on Instagram when it comes to photos like this, and a few times Ripa has had to explain to her fans who Lola is, as some aren't aware that's her daughter. However, while Lola may feel some type of way when it comes to her parents posting about one another, she has offered her mom some advice over the years when it comes to Ripa's online haters.

"I just don't even think you should give them the time of day," she told her mom. "I mean these people are sitting at home wishing they were you," but her mom sees it different saying that she and her haters have a "healthy relationship with each other" because they know how to "give and take." "The people that I clap back to are very clever," Ripa credits her followers. "They're usually very funny, I usually get a good chuckle out of it. They deserve the little pepper! They deserve it. They deserve it. I feel like the clapback is what people want."


Ripa and Consuelos have become one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood. The two go way back to their soap opera days and ever since have been sharing their sweet memories together with their fans. Also, the two are soon-to-be empty nesters as well.