Jason Biggs' Wife Jenny Mollen Reveals New C-Section Scar

Jenny Mollen is "keeping it real" two weeks after giving birth to her and husband Jason Biggs' son, Lazlo. The author and actress shared a photo of her C-section scar on Instagram Monday night, showing a close-up of the incision and praising her doctor for his handiwork.

"I just met my new c-section scar for the first time this morning. Thank you Dr. Albert Sassoon for your artistry," she wrote in the caption. "Because I wish somebody had shown me a pic like this 9months ago, I'd like to insist this be your new business card."

Mollen documented her pregnancy and post-pregnancy on social media along every step of the way.

"One week post op. Staples out. Steri strips on," she wrote alongside a recent mirror selfie sharing her healing progress with her Instagram followers.

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The 38-year-old mom of two also shared a photo four days after the C-section of her torso wrapped in bandages.

Mollen has been extremely open about her changing body throughout and after her pregnancy. In August, she shared a before-and-after photo in lingerie of her body at zero weeks pregnant and then at 33 weeks.

"Can I just keep the boobs?" she wrote in the caption.

Mollen has earned praise throughout her journey from her followers for "normalizing" pregnancy, breastfeeding and complications that come with pregnancy, like her placenta previa and "prepartum" depression.

"I could already be in a depression," she shared in an Instagram story in September. "I'm planning on eating my placenta, but I'm also anticipating a major emotional dive. I think that it's chemical. I think people don't talk about it enough."

The following day, after receiving messages of concern, Mollen hopped back on Instagram to insist that she was "totally fine."


"This is normal — that's what I'm trying to say," she added. "That it's not weird… I would be more freaked out if I weren't freaking out."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @jennyandteets2