Jenelle Evans, Former 'Teen Mom 2' Star, Reveals New Twitter Profile Photo

Jenelle Evans updated her Twitter profile picture to a recent shot of herself with her son Kaiser, as her custody battle comes to a close. Evans recently won back custody of both Kaiser and her daughter, Ensley, in spite of her husband David Eason's murder of their family dog. Evans celebrated over the din of fan outcry, which shows no signs of going away any time soon.

Evans' new profile picture comes from Kaiser's fifth birthday party just last month. At the time, fans were surprised to see Evans, Eason and Kaiser's father, Nathan Griffith all together in an apparently peaceful family gathering. Later that same week, it was revealed that a judge had ruled in Evans' favor, restoring two of their children to them.

Of course, Evans was over the moon, sharing her excitement with fans on Twitter. She wrote that she was "crying tears of joy," and in another deleted tweet she declared: "CASE DISMISSED."

(Photo: Twitter / Jenelle Evans)

It appears Evans has now tempered her excitement, toning it down to a simple photo of herself and Kaiser smiling side by side. Still, after everything Evans and Eason have been through in recent years, many fans are not excited to see this family reunion.

"Is she putting on a show? Shouldn't she be putting up a picture of her and David and Ensley?" one fan wondered.

Another person responded with the hashtags: "you are still a s-ty mom," and "Instagram mom only." Others replied with disdain for Eason.

"Is that the monster we see in your shades? Bet the poor kid is thinking when is the monster going to start back up with the beatings," one tweeted.

Evans did not reply to any of these detractors. The reality star has continued to insist that she is a good parent, and a better guardian for Kaiser than his birth father, even throughout allegations of domestic abuse and violence.

"I am ecstatic to regain custody of my kids back!" Evans told PEOPLE after the news of her custody win broke. "Throughout this long process and final decision, I am excited to be moving forward and continuing to show America I'm a good parent."

As for Eason, Evans does not deny that he shot and killed her dog Nugget, but seems to feel that it is something they can move past in their marriage. In an Instagram Q&A session this week, she explained that Eason went through anger management counseling after the incident.


"Honestly, yes, we were on bad terms for almost a week," she wrote. "Didn't talk much. He knows how upset it made me. Now that we are getting over this incident our relationship has got a lot stronger. David has completed anger management as well."

Evans and Eason will not be returning to MTV's Teen Mom 2, but fans are still keeping up with them on social media.