Jana Kramer Warns Moms of 'Incredibly Scary' Incident With 2-Month-Old Son Jace

Jana Kramer gave birth to her son, Jace, in November 2018, and the mom of two has since been sharing updates on her newborn on social media.

This week, things took a dangerous turn when Kramer revealed that she had "an insanely scary moment" with her son and a specific swaddle, sharing the story on Instagram.

"A few days ago something incredibly scary happened," she wrote alongside a photo of her son. "I woke up with mom panic and looked at the monitor and saw Jace's face completely covered by his swaddle. Now as a mom I KNOW I put the swaddle on right. It was the appropriate size etc. he has bad reflux so he squirms a lot and he managed to get this fleece swaddle over his head."

"The fact this company promotes safe sleep baffles me," she continued. "I have done so much research the past few days and we will now be using @woombieusa swaddles. I ended up deleting the monitor picture because it disturbed me that much. The what if's that played in my head left me sick. All I encourage you moms to do is read the swaddle reviews when you buy. I was NOT the only one this happened to."

Kramer told her followers to listen to her podcast, Whine Down with Jana Kramer, to hear more of the story, with the 35-year-old and her husband, Mike Caussin, discussing the situation.

Kramer explained that she isn't trying to slander the company who made the swaddle and even spoke to them after the incident, but that she wants to share her story to help other parents be alert.

"I woke up in complete panic," Kramer recalled of the moment. "I looked at the monitor, and this is what I saw," she continued, showing a photo of the swaddle over her son's face.

"I jumped out of bed so fast and ran in that room and I was like, 'He's not gonna be breathing when I open this swaddle,'" she continued. "I un-Velcroed it and it was like he came to."

"I know I swaddled him correctly," she added. "If it was anybody else, I would have been like, 'Well, you didn't swaddle him right.' It was a hundred percent Velcroed right."

The mom of two noted that she wanted to share the photo of Jace on the monitor, but Caussin was against the idea, saying, "It has nothing to do with the company...it kind of seems so personal."

"Because of the situation, it is disturbing," he said. "That's hard to look at. I don't want that picture of Jace out there."


"I feel like I could save someone's kid," Kramer interjected, though she said that if Caussin didn't want her to post the photo, she wouldn't.

Photo Credit: Getty / Paul Archuleta