Jack Osbourne Rips Tabloids Over Photos of Dad Ozzy With Gray Hair

Jack Osbourne was not pleased with tabloids and news outlets that published photos of his dad, rock legend Ozzy Osbourne earlier this week. The new pictures show Osbourne looking "unrecognizable" with gray hair, as he is battling Parkinson's Disease. Jack found the coverage to be tasteless for several reasons.

"Dear Bulls— tabloid Journalists," Jack began. "Incase you havnt [sic] noticed, it is not really recommended for people with Parkinson's to go get their hair dyed during a f—ing global pandemic. Just because my father's hair isn't his normal color at the moment doesn't mean s—. He's 71 and recovering from severe spine surgery, moreover he's on vacation. It's amazing that he can have a 50 year career, selling millions of albums and all that and you a—s wanna talk about his hair roots."

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What a wonderful world of low life’s we live in.

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"Have some respect and decency... Oh wait I forgot your kind lost that long ago. It's time you were held just as accountable for your actions as the rest of us. Shame on you all," Jack's statement concluded. In the caption, he added a sardonic remark on how this is a "wonderful world" for low-lives.

Jack was referring to candid photos published by The Daily Mail on Saturday, showing his father in a car with gray hair. His hair was as long as ever — tied in a small ponytail at the base of his neck — yet without the black coloring, the self-described "Prince of Darkness" was hard to recognize. Still, many social media users agreed with Jack, believing that it was in poor taste to comment on the appearance of someone battling a chronic illness.

"I cannot imagine living under a microscope of tabloids. Sorry you have to deal with these people," one person commented. "Lol imagine being so worried about his hair during these times says a lot out the country and 'journalism,'" added another.


Osbourne only went public with his Parkinson's diagnosis in January of 2020, although he revealed that he had been diagnosed in February of 2019. This condition, along with other health issues, has impacted the Black Sabbath frontman's plans to tour and release new music over the last few years.

Friday's photos were the first public sighting on Osbourne in months, as the singer has abided by the recommendation to stay inside amid the coronavirus pandemic. Individuals with pre-existing conditions are at particular risk of suffering severe symptoms from the virus, so Osbourne is in a "high-risk" category.