'Good Bones' Star Mina Starsiak Shuts Down Mommy Shamers With Latest Post

HGTV's Good Bones star, Mina Starsiak shut down mommy shamers after her latest post featuring infant son, Jack, sparked conversation among fans about the safety of co-sleeping.

(Photo: Instagram / Mina Starsiak Hawk)

Not afraid to put mommy shamers in their place, the new mom and reality TV star took to Instagram Saturday to share an adorable image of her 4-month-old son, Jack Richard sleeping with husband, Stephen Hawk in their bed. But as social media influencers know, judgment can be found at every corner.

"Saturday mornings are the best," Starsiak wrote alongside the hashtag, "my men." However, the 31-year-old added another comment between asterisks, warning mommy shamers to keep it to themselves if they had opinions about their sleeping setup. "And don't worry..... Jack doesn't sleep in bed with us like this, he just comes in to snuggle when we're up."

Fans of the Good Bones star took to the comments section to defend Starsiak and applaud her parenting skills, explaining how she also did not need to explain her methods to others.

"Doesn't it suck you always have to defend yourself immediately because so many people mommy shame?" one user wrote. "Your (sic) a great mom don't let the haters make you feel like you have to always explain."

Another added that even if her son does sleep with the couple, she's his mother and it is her choice. "You do what the three of you love and what makes you all the happiest. A happy, healthy and loved baby is all you should worry about."

"Don't apologize or explain for the rude people out there," another added. "Kids grow so fast, let him sleep with you all you want, it only makes the family bond stronger. You guys are loving parents, keep being you!"

One fan observing the negative rhetoric in the comments section added, "I love all of these 'even if you did..' comments. I always said I wouldn't co-sleep, but then you have your baby and find out that she wants nothing to do with sleeping on her own. You're his mom and ultimately decides what is best."

While a majority sided with the Indianapolis based real estate agent and designer ultimately drowning out the negative vibes, one went on to thank Starsiak for "adding that [Jack] doesn't sleep in bed" with the couple, reiterating how "safe sleep saves lives."

This is not the first time Starsiak has experienced mommy shamers. In September, Starsiak found herself as the subject of mommy shamers after sharing video of Jack Richard laying next to the iPhone beside him playing lullabies. While fans came to her defense at the time, the initial user, who claimed to be a nurse practitioner added how she was only "trying to bring more awareness to this issue."

A month later, Starsiak dealt with mommy shamers again after her son was photographed sleeping beside her dog and the Jack's older brother, canine, Frank. While the image was cute as can be, Starsiak made sure to add a note to followers warning them to cool it before commenting.

"If at all possible, those of you that feel the need to warn me of my dog potentially eating Jack, please try to resist," she added alongside asterisks.

While Starsiak has not commented on the mommy shaming remarks, the new mom, who gave birth to Jack Richard with husband Stephen Hawk this past summer, is too busy to deal with the negativity. The real estate agent, who stars on the home renovation show with mother, Karen Laine that finds the mother-daughter duo revitalizing Indianapolis, one home at a time, returned to work this past fall.

Starsiak and Laine are currently filming for Season 4 of their HGTV series.


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Photo credit: Instagram / Mina Starsiak Hawk