George Clooney Explains How He's Teaching His 4-Year-Old Twins to Be Charitable

George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney may have a lot of money to their names but they're instilling charitable values in their twins Ella and Alexander. During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Clooney confessed that while they're not even four years old, they're showing signs of a giving heart. "Well, you try. They're not quite four yet so they don't [understand]," he said.

"My kids will always say, they'll pick up a toy and they'll go, 'This is for the poor people.' And I go, 'Good. OK, so let's put it in the basket and we'll take it to the poor people.' And then there's this shock on their face when reality hits." The actor teamed up with Yvette Nicole Brown, Jodie Foster and Tony Goldwyn, along with other big Hollywood names for the 100th anniversary of the Motion Picture & Television Fund ahead of his 60th birthday. Clooney serves on the fund's Board of Directors. The organization was founded in 1921 and offers assistance and care to those in the industry who have either limited or no resources.

"But I hope so. My parents always taught me that the best things you could do [is] challenge people in power and look out for people who aren't in power and those kinds of things," he added on why he feels it's important to get his kids involved. In fact, he also unexpectedly "roped" his wife into the organization as well. "I brought her to an event there. This isn't necessarily the best time because we're still dealing with the pandemic. But, when you go to that campus and you walk around — I shot scenes from a TV series there — and we sat down at a table and there's somebody from My Fair Lady and he started singing 'I'm Getting Married in the Morning' and it was just [amazing]. Everything about it is warm and funny."


The actor is also gearing up to start a new decade and is taking those steps forward with a little bit of comedy. "As for turning 60, listen, I'm not thrilled with tit but it's better than dead," he said before adding, "So I'll take it. I got two options." Lately, the actor has been sharing several sweet moments he's shared with his family after becoming a new dad. While he wasn't expecting to have two children, the way he gushes over them in interviews has his fans gushing just as hard.