Gayle King Gushes Over Daughter's Baby Bump in Loving Vacation Photos

CBS This Morning anchor Gayle King shared new photos with her family on Sunday, including pictures with her daughter, Kirby Bumpus, who is pregnant with her first child. One of the fun photos shows King cradling Bumpus' baby bump. Bumpus and husband Virgil Miller married at Oprah Winfrey's home in Santa Barbara, California in December.

King is now on vacation, and her first stop was Los Angeles to visit her family there. They watched In The Heights while her son Will Bumpus was on the couch recovering from Achilles' surgery. "Swipe left FIRST GRANDCHILD on the way! Fav daughter [Bumpus] baby is cooking! Now on to the next thing," King wrote in the caption. "P.S. I told will I hate his couch is that wrong," she added, referring to the couch seen in the photos.

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Back in April, King, 66, announced she was about to become a grandmother for the first time, adding that Bumpus' baby is due in September. "I have been bursting and wanting to share this news," King said on CBS This Morning. "I said, 'Kirby, when can I make it the talk of the table?' and she said, 'Not yet.' I got to tell my sisters this weekend and she told her friends so today was the day I was able to tell." King also shared a photo of Bumpus and Miller's dog Stella carrying a sign reading, "My parents are getting me a human September 2021."

After sharing the news on CBS This Morning, King gushed about how excited she is to be a cool grandmother on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. However, King doesn't want to be called grandma. "I don't want to be called nana, I don't want to be called glam-ma because I think that's too cute. I want something that's cool," she said. "Right now I'll tell you what I like, and nobody likes it but me, I like 'Gaya,' that means mother earth," King explained. "Oprah thinks it's stupid and pretentious. I like it. I thought 'mumsy,' Kirby hated that. Somebody said 'Gammy,' that sounds like an old lady with no teeth. These are all my own issues. I am soliciting names."

King told DeGeneres she knows the baby's gender, but she refused to share that news. As the oldest of four girls, King said she always wanted a brother, which is why she always likes to see a firstborn boy. "My whole life I wanted a big brother -- my whole life. I just saw that people with big brothers were lucky. So I always like a firstborn to be a boy, then the second one is a girl. Then you have a big brother that takes care of you. That's just my own little fantasy," King said.


King shares Bumpus and Will with her ex-husband, Bull Bumpus. Winfrey is Bumpus' godmother. Bumpus and Miller got engaged in February 2019 and married late last year. Bumpus did not want her mother to share the news immediately, so it was not until February that King told CBS This Morning viewers her daughter was married.