'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star 'Baby Lyssa' Chapman Mourns 'Superhero' Stepmom Beth

Dog the Bounty Hunter star "Baby Lyssa" Chapman made a mournful post about her late stepmother, Beth on Tuesday. Beth Chapman passed away earlier this year after a prolonged battle with cancer, and the family is still reeling from the loss. This week, something had Lyssa feeling reflective.

Lyssa posted a throwback photo of her daughter, Madalynn Grace Galanti, in the arms of Duane "Dog" Chapman and Beth. Both were dressed in their most intimidating getups, with Beth wearing a studded top and paneled arm guards, and Dog wearing a leather motorcycle vest and gloves. In the caption, Lyssa made it clear how highly she thinks of them.

"Missing our superheroes," she wrote with a male and female super hero emoji, followed by a crying face. Lyssa included the hashtags for "Baby Mady," "My dad can beat up your dad," and "Dog the Bounty Hunter" in her post.

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Missing our superheroes 🦸‍♀️ 🦸‍♂️ 😢 #babymady #MyDadCanBeatUpYourDad #dogthebountyhunter

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It is unclear when the photo was taken, but Dog and Beth looked like the proud grandparents fans knew on TV. Lyssa's second daughter, Madalynn was born in 2009 during her brief marriage to Brahman "Bo" Galanti. Galanti was 14 years older than Lyssa, and the two divorced in 2011.

Lyssa is from Dog's second marriage and is named after her mother -- thus the nickname "Baby Lyssa." According to Dog's 2008 memoir You Can Run But You Can't Hide, he offered Baby Lyssa's mom, known as "Big Lyssa," $1,000 to have his child shortly after meeting her. She agreed, leading to their three children together and nine years of marriage. According to Dog, they were wed by a Native American chief in the mountains of Colorado in 1982.

Baby Lyssa had her own issues growing up. She gave birth to her first daughter, Abbie Mae, the day after her own 15th birthday. It was later revealed that the baby's father was 24 years old at the time of conception. He was arrested for statutory rape, according to Dog, but was never publicly identified.

Meanwhile, Lyssa and Abbie Mae both grew up in the midst of Dog's reality TV fame. Lyssa worked with her father as a bail bondsman at the time and sometimes appeared on screen. From the start, fans knew that her stepmother Beth held a special place in Lyssa's heart, in spite of her father's many other marriages.


Lyssa opened up about her own perspective on her family life in 2013 when she published an autobiography titled Walking on Eggshells: Discovering Strength and Courage Amid Chaos. The book was co-authored with Lisa Wysocky and reflected on crime, celebrity and her search for identity.