'Counting On' Fans Have a Wild Theory Behind Jill Duggar's Marriage to Derick Dillard

Counting On fans believe they've cracked the code on Jill Dillard's marriage. Many have speculated that the TLC personality isn't happy in her relationship with Derick Dillard, but now they think they've figured out why the pair married in the first place and it's not because they're madly in love.

According to a new Duggar fan theory, Jill and Derick rushed to get married to beat younger sister Jessa Duggar down the aisle. The theory first appeared on Reddit, with fans speculating that it was nothing more than a race against the younger Duggar.

"Don't have time to shop around when your younger sister is getting married before you," a Reddit user wrote.

It's not unusual for Duggars to marry quickly, but Jill and Derick's relationship moved especially quick. At the time, Jessa was dating Ben Seewald, whom she's now married to. Many fans don't believe Jill is totally happy with Derick. Some pointed out that he's the reason her contract with TLC was terminated, fearing she may be harboring some resentment toward him over that.

Jill and Derick were fired from Counting On after Derick made some horrifying comments about fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings, a trans teen, on Twitter.

What's more, The Cheat Sheet noted that Derick once suggested he settled for Jill as a wife. He wrote in a blog post that people spend so much time waiting for the right person, they risk spending their lives alone. It appears, however, that fans may have just been reading too much into what Derick wrote, as he did praise Jill as "the one" for him.

"Young singles expect to see the clouds part and haer the hallelujah chorus when they meet their soul mate, and if that hasn't happened, then they believe that they must continue waiting for 'the one,'" he wrote. "My 'one' is always Jill Michelle Dillard.

Jill and Derick met and fell in love in 2011, according to In Touch Weekly. They were introduced during the holiday seasons, when Derick made a caroling stop at the Duggar's home. He caught the attention of Jill's dad, Jim Bob Duggar, and later became his prayer partner. Eventually he was introduced to Jill in 2013, and they began a courtship and later married.

Now, the couple shares two children together: Samuel Scott Dillard and Israel David Dillard. They keep much of their life private, as they are no longer on television, but continue to share on social media.