Coco's New Family Photo Sparks Concern About Ice-T and His Daughter

Coco Austin, husband Ice-T and 2-year-old daughter Chanel Nicole are by all appearances an adorable and loving celebrity family, but like most things on the Internet, there are trolls just waiting to spew negativity any chance they get.

In this case, the criticism comes for yet another ridiculous reason, with some social media users taking aim at a recent photo Austin posted of the family enjoying a vacation in the Bahamas.

The snaps show the trio posing on an ornate golden throne at a resort, as well as standing by an aquarium.

coco ice t 1
(Photo: Instagram / @coco)
coco ice t
(Photo: Instagram / @coco)

"Always have the best time visiting @AtlantisBahamas," Austin captioned the images. "Such an amazing place for families, the marine life there is magical."

In each photo, Austin holds her daughter, something users jumped at as a perceived way to criticize's Ice-T's relationship with Chanel. Because this is the Internet, some users have decided to speak about the fact that Ice-T wasn't holding his daughter in the shots but Austin was.

"I mean that's her first baby so I get it but damn let that man hold and take a pic with his daughter lol," one person wrote.

"Does Ice ever get to hold the baby?" wondered another.

"A lot of pics she is always with Coco does he not hold Chanel or am I trippin'????" wrote a third.

It would be fair to admit that Austin is often the one holding Chanel in photos where she is not on the ground, likely due to the simple fact that the photos the model posts of her daughter more often feature just the two of them than the pair along with Ice-T.

In fact, Austin once explained why there are far fewer photos of Ice with his daughter floating around on Instagram than there are of Coco.

"Ice is not fond of taking photos so that's why there are less photos of them together," she wrote on Instagram.

So lest you think that Ice-T is some kind of monster who can't be bothered to pick up his own child, here is some photo evidence to the contrary.

ice t chanel
(Photo: Instagram / @coco)

In addition, Chanel often joins her dad for some nightly video games.

chanel ice t 2
(Photo: Instagram / @babychanelnicole)

They even take adorable selfies together!

ice t chanel
(Photo: Instagram / @babychanelnicole)

In conclusion, both Ice-T and Austin love their daughter and that's that.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @coco