Watch: Carrie Underwood Scolds Her Dog for Eating Son Isaiah's French Toast: 'Quit Licking Your Lips!'

Got up from the breakfast table to change a diaper and this is what happens! Naughty Penny!

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Carrie Underwood took to Instagram to dog shame her pooch for helping himself to her son Isaiah's French toast.

"Got up from the breakfast table to change a diaper and this is what happens!" Underwood, 33, captioned a video of the family pup. "Naughty Penny!"

In the clip, Penny, a dachshund mix, appeared to be more focused on licking her lips from the sticky syrup she slurped up instead of being put in the dog house for her selfish act.

Carrie had a talk with her pooch to let her know she did a very not nice thing.

"Penny Jean, you took French toast off the table. That was your little brother's French toast," Underwood says off camera.

"You're not even sorry. Quit licking your lips!" Underwood said laughing.

Apparently their other dog Ace was left out from any of the French toast fun.


"That was a giant piece of French toast. You didn't even share with Ace. Hey, I'm talking to you! That was naughty. I need you to feel bad about this."

Breakfast must be Penny's favorite meal of the day. Thanks for sharing this hilarious moment with us Carrie!