Carrie Underwood Reveals She Knows Sex of Baby as Ellen DeGeneres Makes Prediction

Carrie Underwood is currently pregnant with her second child, and the singer revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday that she and husband Mike Fisher now know whether they are expecting a boy or a girl.

"We like to kind of just hold onto things for a minute," she said. "I feel like everybody just knows everything about everybody, so we just like to have a little secret for a little while."

"You can tell us in a few minutes," host Ellen DeGeneres assured her. "Keep it to yourself for a few minutes and then let us know."

While Underwood isn't ready to share what she's having quite yet, DeGeneres did her best to guess.

"I can probably tell you what it is. You have a little boy, right? How are you carrying versus when you carried him? Are you higher or lower?" she asked.

"It's a different ball game. I feel like I didn't look pregnant, and then I woke up and I looked like this!" Underwood responded before saying, "I feel like you're trying to get me to talk about it so I'll say 'he' or 'she!'"

"No, I've got other ways," DeGeneres joked before guessing, "It's a girl. It is."

"You think?" Underwood queried with a neutral expression. "OK. OK."

"When you come back here and when we talk about it after it's a little girl, I'll say, 'It was a girl.' OK? All right," DeGeneres continued. "But you did say it was a 'whole new ball game,' which indicates it could be a boy. It's either a girl or a boy. I'm pretty good at guessing, like I said. I do think it's a girl, though. I can see it in your eyes. It's a girl. Anyway, congratulations. It's a little girl!"

The American Idol winner did her best not to react to DeGeneres' prediction, though fans may wonder if she was offering any kind of hint with the pink coat she wore during the broadcast.

After Underwood's baby is born, the 35-year-old will spend a few months with her family of four — Underwood and Fisher also share 3-year-old son Isaiah — before heading out on the road on her Cry Pretty Tour 360 in May.


"It's going to be a different ball game, for sure," she told the Tennessean of touring with two kids. "My brain, I'm such a planner. I want to know how it's all going to go. But no matter who you are, you make it happen, you make it work, you get your team behind you."

Photo Credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show