Ashley Graham Shares Baby Bump Photo Update: 'About to Pop!'

Ashley Graham is bumping right along in her pregnancy. The model, 33, is currently expecting her second child with husband Justin Ervin at the end of the year, but joked on Instagram Saturday that she was "about to pop" already. Showing off her belly in the maternity show, Graham blows a large bubblegum bubble while placing her hands on her bump. "About to pop! but not really, we have a min," she captioned the shot.

Graham, who is also mom to 18-month-old son Isaac with Ervin, announced they were expecting baby number two in July, sharing the big news on Instagram. Posting a photo taken by her husband showing off her baby bump, the America's Next Top Model star captioned the announcement, "The past year has been full of tiny surprises, big griefs, familiar beginnings and new stories. i'm just beginning to process and celebrate what this next chapter means for us."

As she prepares to add another little one to her family, Graham spoke to Entertainment Tonight last week about how this second pregnancy feels far different than the first. "I always heard that number two you're a lot more tired, you show faster. It's happening, I popped really fast," she told the outlet of her pregnancy journey this time around. "I'm exhausted. I'm running after a toddler. So yes, all the stereotypical things."

While getting ready to welcome her second child, Graham said she and Ervin have a much more laid-back approach. "I don't know if there is much preparation that can go into baby number two. I feel like I did so much preparation when it came to Isaac, almost to the degree that maybe I over-prepared," she explained.


"I'm just making sure that I have the supplies that I need, which is basically nothing. Like, I just look at my boobs and go, 'OK, check check. We got this,'" she joked. "Just need some newborn diapers. Check, check. I'm just not going to overthink it."