'American Horror Story' Alum Billie Lourd Calls Pregnancy Amid Pandemic a 'Blessing in Disguise'

American Horror Story star Billie Lourd said her pregnancy during the coronavirus pandemic was a "blessing in disguise" during a radio interview with her stepfather, Bruce Bozzi. Staying home for most of her pregnancy allowed Lourd to keep the news a secret. Fans never even knew she was pregnant until she announced Kingston Fisher Lourd Rydell's birth on Instagram in September. Her fiance, Austen Rydell, announced their engagement in June.

"I didn't know it was happening, but it turned out to be kind of a blessing in disguise having a quarantine baby, but he's not a quarantine baby, because I got to keep it to myself," Lourd told Bozzi on Quarantine with Bruce. "And only my family knew and nobody else knew... Everyone was so surprised when we posted that little picture of his feet." Lourd said the news "got to just be something I shared with the people I loved the most, which was so incredible and made my pregnancy so magical and wonderful."

If Lourd was pregnant during a normal moment in time, news of her pregnancy might have leaked, or paparazzi might have caught a picture with her baby bump. That did not happen. "It turned out to be the greatest experience," she said of her pregnancy. "I got to just eat great food, hang out with the people I love, do Legos all the time. I took a hypnobirthing class and I just, I loved being pregnant."

Lourd also stressed that Kingston was not a "quarantine baby" because he was conceived before the pandemic began when she and Rydell vacationed in the Caribbean. "I want to make that known because a lot of people are having trendy quarantine babies Kingston was conceived before quarantine," she said. "So he's technically just a Caribbean baby."

The Booksmart star said she always wanted to be a mother since she was two years old. She recalled telling Bozzi when she was younger how she wanted to have a child at 28, which is exactly what happened. "This baby is absolute magic," she said.


As for her relationship with Rydell, Lourd said the two "know each other better than anybody could know each other." He helped her out throughout her pregnancy, even attending positive birthing classes. Their time together during her pregnancy prepared them to be the "best" parents she said. "He is as you know, the best dad in the world. And I think that's partially because we got to have this experience together," Lourd added.

Lourd starred in three American Horror Story seasons, Booksmart, and the Star Wars sequel trilogy. She is the daughter of Carrie Fisher and the granddaughter of Debbie Reynolds. Her father is Creative Arts Agency co-chairman Bryan Lourd, who married Bozzi in 2016.