'Bachelorette' Ali Fedatowsky Is Working on 'Self-Acceptance' After Baby No. 2

2018 was quite the year for Ali Fedatowsky, who, in addition to welcoming son Riley in May, rang in the toddler years with daughter Molly in July and moved into her dream house with husband Kevin Manno.

Heading into 2019, the former Bachelorette, 34, joked in an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com that "some sleep would be awesome," when asked about her goals for the new year, adding more seriously that while she does have some professional milestones she'd like to reach, right now she's focusing on "self-acceptance."

Fedatowsky explained that after welcoming her second child, she was initially working out to get back to the way she looked pre-pregnancy, and feeling discouraged about her progress. But now, she's working on loving herself in the moment. "[My belly] has not gotten any less squishy, and I'm OK with that," she confessed.

"It is so hard to love yourself," she continued. "I really it's a difficult thing to do fully — complete and utter self acceptance. I think we beat ourselves up so much as a new mom."

To other new moms going through the same thing, Fedatowsky explained that while "your belly is maybe a little extra squishy," it's because "it was a home for your beautiful child."

For a mother-of-two like the E! News alum, keeping things running smoothly around the household is vital, so dealing with the "super picky" tastes of her dog Owen without letting his health fall by the wayside falls to Kibbles ‘n Bits comes in.

In addition to "complete and balanced nutrition," Fedatowsky said she was inspired to partner with the dog food brand after seeing Owen "gobble it up."

Feeding Owen is 2-year-old daughter Molly's job around the house, and the Hallmark Home & Family team member said "she would get so sad and get so mad at [Owen] when he wouldn't eat" before Kibbles 'n Bits.

Giving Molly a little job around the house is important to the reality personality because “toddlers are hard and they think everything is me, me, me! They don't want to share anything and they think the world revolves around them ... She's got a great life and I know how fortunate we are. So it's important for her to have these responsibilities."

While it seems like Fedatowsky and Manno have this parenting thing down, but when asked if they were considering a third baby in the future, she was quick to tell PopCulture, "Heck no!"

"I feel bad saying that, because if we ever have an 'uh-oh' moment, my kid will read that," she joked. "We’re happy where we’re at, but we’re so excited to get a little life back.”

She admitted that she and her husband have been on "less than seven" dates since the birth of Molly.


"We really don’t get out much and it’s hard," she joked. "I think what makes Kevin and I happy and our romance stay alive is we have so much fun with our kid."

Photo credit: Ashley Burns Photography