'Jersey Shore' Mom Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Reveals the Horrible Insults Her Kids Receive

Jersey Shore mom Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi recently revealed some of the horrible insults her kids receive online.

During a conversation with Us Weekly, Polizzi opened up and shared that she sees some extremely cruel comments hurled at her children from social media users.

“People say nasty, nasty things to me. I’m like, ‘OK. Calm down.’ But it does get to me if they talk about my kids,” the 31-year-old reality TV star told the outlet. “Like, on the web, they are talking kids’ hygiene or just calling my kids ugly. It’s just so unnecessary.”

(Photo: Instagram / @snooki)

Polizzi also spoke about her four-year marriage to Jionni LaValle, explaining that they are very much in love but that she doesn't post photos of them together very often because he prefers to be out of the spotlight.

“I feel like if I don’t post pictures of Jionni or he doesn’t post pictures with me, it’s like we have marital issues,” she said. “And that’s not the case. Jionni just wants nothing to do with the spotlight.”

“We’re not perfect, you know?” she went on to day of their relationship. “Every marriage, you have to put effort in and compromise. We’re not in a bad a bad place. I love him so much.”

“He lets me rest all day on Sunday,” Polizzi also said. “He’s just really forgiving with my attitude and he understands it and he helps me with the kids.”

The couple recently announced that they are expecting their third child by debuting a sonogram picture on social media in November.

While speaking with Us Weekly, Polizzi also revealed just how LaValle reacted when she told him she was pregnant. "It's the third kid. He was like, 'Oh, s—. Here we go,'" she quipped. "He's been waiting for me to get pregnant."

Their two children, however, are clearly very excited about their new sibling, as Polizzi said, "They kiss my belly every single day. They can’t wait for little brother."

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast member later spoke candidly about how she has been feeling at the beginning of her pregnancy.


I'm super nauseous, much more than I was with my other two," she told the outlet. "I just feel like every day I wake up and there's something wrong with me. My stomach hurts or I'm cranky and I can't move and just to need to lay down. It's really annoying, the pregnancy. It's not my favorite."

At this time, no specific due date for Polizzi has been announced.