Khloe Kardashian Faces Backlash Over Amazon-Sponsored Baby Shower

Khloe Kardashian had a baby shower on Saturday, and it was sponsored by Amazon Baby Registry, leading many fans to roll their eyes at the wealthy reality star.

Kardashian's shower was held in the ballroom of a chic Bel Air hotel, adorned with animal-shaped topiaries and decorated from floor to ceiling in pink. The extravagent yet elegant affair was paid for by one of the biggest companies in the world, and fans wondered why a rich TV personality from one of the richest families in the country should be receiving hand-outs.

"I guess I don't understand the idea of Amazon gifting a baby shower to Khloe Kardashian," wrote one user. "A family that can afford anything for that kid is given a free shower? When there are moms that can't even afford formula that you could give to? Idk."

"Oh ya @amazon like @khloekardashian and her entire f—ing family couldn't afford gifts for you guys to give free s—. Can you actually maybe donate it to women and families who actually need it and can't afford it?"wrote another.

"Amazon paid for khloe kardashian's baby shower?" wondered someone. "Really? Like she couldn't ay for it herself?"

The company has also taken a lot of heat for using various legal strategies to avoid paying taxes as much as possible, which people on social media took note of as they threw the opulent event in Kardashian's honor.

"Hey Amazon on top of not paying federal taxes you gift Khloe Kardashian a free baby shower! Wow how about paying taxes?" asked one person on Twitter.

The event didn't look cheap, either. The guest list included a number of big celebrity names, and Kardashian's wish list reportedly totalled about $90,000. Kardashian made a post on Instagram sincerely thanking the online shopping giant for their help, though she made no attempt to disguise the economic motives for their collaboration, adding the hashtag "ad" in the middle of her caption.


"Had the most unbelievable baby shower - we felt so much love!" she wrote. "So grateful to be surrounded by a beautiful support system. And special thank you to @Amazon for helping me bring it all together! More pictures to come!"

Kardashian's daughter is due very soon, as the 33-year-old mom to be is now over 30 weeks along.