'Good Morning America': Update on Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' Relationship

Just because the world is aware of their romance doesn't mean Good Morning America co-anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach will stop their love fest. While many believe their relationship began before they separated from their respective spouses, sources from each side claim they didn't begin dating until after their marriages ended in Sept. 2022. Both divorces, however have yet to be finalized. Another source alleges Robach's divorce will be finalized within the next two weeks, and she intended to make things public with Holmes after, but they were outed before having the chance to tell the story their way. Sources also say their estranged spouses are pissed about the romance, especially Holmes' wife, Marilee Fiebig, due to his previous extramarital affairs. 

Sources close to the new couple tell TMZ they are less than thrilled about the heightened scrutiny but are certain it's only temporary. As a result, they remain committed to growing their relationship. Our sources also say their jobs during the third hour of the daytime news show hasn't been impacted, and their work performance remains stellar. Therefore, there are no issues. Insiders who work on the show claim there's been speculation the two have been seeing one another secretly since at least 2017 and were even confronted by executives and co-anchor Robin Roberts about their relationship. Roberts reportedly warned them to end it, but Holmes denied they were an item. 

As for immediate future plans, TMZ notes that Robach's parents are in NYC visiting this weekend. The trip that was booked before their relationship was outed. The outlet notes there's a good chance her parents will hang with T.J.

Robach and Holmes have deleted their social media accounts amid the chaos. But sources say it's not because they're ashamed of their relationship. Instead, it's their method to ignore the chatter for the time being…or at least until the next big celebrity scandal breaks.