Rock Singer's Ex Defines Him as 'Deadbeat Dad' in Upsetting Interview

Crazy Town member Shifty Shellshock, real name Seth Brooks Binzer, has been dubbed a "deadbeat dad" by ex-girlfriend Tracy Shellor. In a new interview with The Sun, Shellor, who dated the musician from 2004 until 2008, described Binzer as an absentee father to their 13-year-old son Gage. She added that Binzer reportedly failed to pay child support, leaving Shellor struggling to make ends meet amid their son's medical costs.

Shellor and Binzer first met at a nightclub in Hollywood in 2004 and were "inseparable from day one." Although they initially "had a good relationship," Binzer continued live "the rockstar lifestyle," which included drug use. Shellor said that "in the beginning it seemed very glamorous, he would buy some cocaine and go to a Hollywood party, but it got much worse," to the point that Binzer was spending "thousands of dollars, drain the bank accounts, steal my possessions and pawn everything we had." After Shellor became pregnant with their son, who has diabetes and was recently hospitalized, she said she made the choice to "protect my son," leaving behind a four-year relationship with Binzer that left her financially drained and with PTSD in order to move back home to be with family in Las Vegas.

Although Shellor said her musician ex has paid some child support over the years, she explained that getting those payments has been difficult, adding that Binzer has not paid anything since before the pandemic. Shellor said she simply wants Binzer "to fulfill his responsibilities from the courts so that his son can at least have a quality of life." According to Shellor, amid Binzer's lack of child support payments, she has "basically eaten through my savings." She added that as "the sole caregiver" for their son, she has "to make sure I'm available for his medical needs. while working at the same time."

"He hasn't paid a single thing towards Gage's medical care and owes me over $64,000 in back payments for child support – I have asked him many times for help," Shellor revealed. "He and Soleil have confirmed all over social media that they have been working on this documentary for over a year. Yet he's telling family court there's no money and he's not visiting his son. He's going on Hawaiian vacations and buying expensive French bulldogs, walking red carpets. He has new hair plugs, a new sports car and veneers... all while completely ignoring the fact that he has abandoned his child."

Shellor explained that the absence of Binzer in their son's life and the lack of financial support, despite court orders, has "taken an emotional toll." Although Shellor described herself as "a private person," she said she decided to come forward about this, a decision she said was not easy, she "can't sit here and take this anymore, our son is sick and I need help" and she feels "like I've tried everything that I can and feel like public pressure might be the only thing that actually kind of shakes him."


Responding to Shellor's comments, a representative for Binzer Shellor's remarks were not a fair representation of the facts. In a statement, that rep told The Sun that Binzer "would like it to be known that he loves his son dearly, and that he is dealing with the court system and making child support payments. Noting that "everyone has their own personal issues," the statement added that Binzer "is working on his issues, and would prefer that Ms. Shellor work on her issues outside the press." The rep added that Binzer has "tried every possible way to make peace with her" and "loves his son very much and wishes Ms. Shellor peace and happiness."