Scarlett Johansson Makes Rare Comment About Relationship With Fiance Colin Jost

Scarlett Johansson us usually pretty quiet about her love life, but this week she made an affectionate comment about her fiancé, Colin Jost. Johansson and Jost have been together for almost two years, and it sounds like that is not about to change. She explained why at a red carpet event on Monday night. Johansson was at the Elle Women in Hollywood event in Beverly Hills, California when reporters asked about her personal life. She told Extra that her relationship is going great, as is her family life and her creative endeavors.

"I'm just in a good, creative phase and I'm in a very happy, fulfilling relationship, and I have a beautiful, very healthy, and inspiring daughter, and things are great," Johansson said.

Naturally, fans zeroed in on the reference to Jost. Johansson and Jost rarely discuss their romance publicly, though they do attend public events together. Jost is a head writer at Saturday Night Live, and a co-host of the "Weekend Update" segment. While he often ribs co-star Pete Davidson about his personal life on air, he never discusses his own.

Meanwhile, it does not hurt that Johansson is feeling good about motherhood these days too. She raved about her daughter, 5-year-old Rose, who is from her previous marriage to Romain Dauriac.

"I learn a lot of stuff from her all the time, but they're mostly factoids about bugs," she said. "But kids today are really tuned in. I mean, she's little, she's 5, but she's still innocent and little."

"[I] have other friends who have kids that are 12, 13, 14, and they're really politically active and they're connected to one another in ways that we just didn't have access to, which is awesome, because you feel like you're raising a generation of kids that are socially conscious and it's an exciting time to be a young person," Johansson added.

Rose comes from Johansson's second marriage. The actress began seeing Dauriac — a French advertising mogul — in 2012. They had Rose in 2014, and married later that year. The family split its time between Paris and New York City.

Johansson and Dauriac separated in 2016 and finalized their divorce in September of 2017. Two months later, Johansson took her relationship with Jost public.


Johansson was married before Dauriac, as well, to actor Ryan Reynolds. The two were married in 2008 but divorced in 2011. Before that, she had relationships with musician Jack Antonoff and fellow actor Josh Hartnett. Rose is her only child.

Johansson stars in Taika Waititi's new comedy Jojo Rabbit, which comes to theaters on Friday.