Pop Singer and Olympic Gold Medalist Reveal Engagement

Congratulations are in order for Kim Yuna and Ko Woo Rim. After keeping their relationship relatively private, the figure skating champion and South Korean singer, a member of the crossover vocal quartet Forestella, are engaged and set to marry this fall. The couple confirmed their October 2022 wedding date just hours after going public with their relationship on July 25 after a local media outlet reported that the two were spotted on late-night dates, according to The Korea Herald.

Kim and Ko'a engagement was confirmed in a statement from Kim's agency All That Sports, which announced, per Soompi, "in late October in Seoul, [Kim Yuna] will be getting married to vocalist Ko Woo Rim." According to the agency, the wedding will be a private affair, as the couple "want to hold an ordinary wedding ceremony with family, close friends, and acquaintances." As such, "we will be carrying out the ceremony in private without revealing the wedding date and wedding hall location. We ask for understanding from the fans."

Shortly after, Ko's agency, Beat Interactive, also confirmed the news, announcing that the musician "will be getting married to figure skating queen Kim Yuna in October." The agency added that the wedding will be private and asked "for generous understanding from the many fans and media for not revealing the specific details of the wedding date and wedding hall location." The statement went on to reveal details about Kim and Ko's relationship, sharing that they first met in 2018 at the congratulatory performance for the All That Skate ice show and went on to date for three years. Now, "their love has come to bear fruit in the form of marriage."

"After marriage, Ko Woo Rim will continue to work actively as a member of FORESTELLA, a vocalist, and a crossover singer," the statement continued in part. "Please send lots of support for Ko Woo Rim's activities as he shows a more mature side to himself within a stable family."


Kim is best known as "Queen Yuna" or "figure queen" in Korea. A retired South Korean competitive figure skater who first took up the sport in 1996, she won gold at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010. She retired from competitive skating after winning a silver medal at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Ko, meanwhile, is best known as the youngest member of the crossover vocal quartet Forestella, which won Season 2 of JTBC's audition program Phantom Singer in 2017. He has since released several albums and made numerous TV appearances.