The Miz and Maryse Can't Agree on How Many Kids They Want

Mike "The Miz" Mizanin and his wife Maryse may have just welcomed their daughter a few months ago, but the two already have baby fever again.

Ahead of the premiere of their new USA Network reality series Miz & Mrs. on Tuesday, the WWE couple opened up to PEOPLE about life with their 4-month-old daughter Monroe Sky, and the future of their family.

It turns out that for now, that answer is uncertain.

"I definitely want to have another baby or two — or maybe three," Maryse, 35, told the publication, causing her husband to jokingly respond, "Calm down, Maryse, calm down."

"I want a boy as well, so if I keep having girls then I'll probably try until I get a boy," she continued. "I really want to have a girl and a boy."

The Miz, 37, has a different idea. "I'm good with two. I think that'd be great. It's a good number, solid number — Monroe doesn't have to be alone and it's not too much for us," he said.

But at least for now, the new parents are relishing all the times and memories they are making with their little girl.

"My favorite moments are when Maryse is asleep. I just sit there alone in the quiet, dark house and rock [Monroe] back to sleep and her just looking up at me," said The Miz. "Those are the times I really [feel] home and really love."

Maryse is already planning Monroe's future as well. "I'm trying to teach Monroe French," she said, explaining she would love for the little girl to "be bilingual by the age of 2" and that speaking to the baby in her native language is going "pretty good so far."

The couple, which also appears on the E! reality series Total Divas, added that their little girl has already watched the show, as they rarely let her out of their sight. But will she follow in their steps as she grows up?

"If she likes the entertainment business, yeah why not?" Maryse explained. "But I really want to see her grow and decide and see what she likes. It's one of the things I'm looking forward the most to."

Added The Miz, "Whatever she sets her mind to, I'm gonna try to give her as many tools as she possibly can to succeed at it."

Miz & Mrs. premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.


Photo Credit: Instagram / Maryse