Michelle Yeoh Marries Longtime Fiancé After 19-Year Engagement

The actress got engaged to Jean Todt about a month after they began dating, but in 19 years they have never gotten around to tying the knot.

Michelle Yeoh just married her fiancé after 19 years together – most of that spent engaged. Yeoh and Jean Todt began dating in 2004 and he proposed that summer, but until now the two never got around to officially tying the knot. Now, they have finally decided to make it official.

Todt was the CEO of Ferrari when he and Yeoh began dating in 2004, so it makes sense that details on their wedding came from former Ferrari Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa. He shared a photo of the program from Todt and Yeoh's wedding, which reads: "We met in Shanghai on 4th June 2004. On 26th July 2004, J.T. proposed to marry M.Y. and she said YES! Today after 6992 days on the 27th July 2023 in Geneva, surrounded by loving family and friends, we are so happy to celebrate this special moment together!"

Yeoh and Todt have been living primarily in Geneva, Switzerland since at least 2019, according to a report by The Financial Times. Todt has worked in the high-end car industry for his entire career, but his stint as the CEO of Ferrari ended in 2009. Since then he has focused on his work as the United Nations' Special Envoy for Road Safety. Of course, Yeoh has been hard at work recently with roles like Everything Everywhere All At Once, The Witcher: Blood Origin and Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

Yeoh comes originally from Malaysia but studied dance and acting in the U.K. during college. She found early success in martial arts action films shot in Hong Kong, and during that time she married her first husband, entrepreneur Dickson Poon. They separated in 1992, and Yeoh would later tell CBS Sunday Morning that the main reason was because she was not able to carry children.

Yeoh was engaged to American cardiologist Alan Heldman in 1998, but that relationship fizzled out sometime before she met Todt. The two have been together since 2004 and enjoyed their private life mostly outside of the public eye. Todt has one son from a previous relationship but little is known to the general public about his romantic history.

Yeoh's wedding was a brief reprieve as the actress is likely to stay busy for the foreseeable future. She has 10 upcoming projects listed on her IMDb page, including Kenneth Branagh's next Agatha Christie adaptation, A Haunting in Venice, which is listed as complete, and the Netflix original series The Brothers Sun, which is in post-production. For the eight other projects, Yeoh will need to be on set, and she will now have a wedding ring to keep track of between costume changes.