Matthew McConaughey Reveals Meeting Wife Camila Alves Was Love at First Sight

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(Photo: Getty / Gary Miller)

Hollywood hunk and A-list actor Matthew McConaughey is opening up in a big way about the start of his romance with wife Camila Alves, PEOPLE reports.

McConaughey reveals the two lovebirds met an L.A. club in 2006, when the actor wasn't even looking for love!

"I was very happily single and healthily single," he said. "I was not looking. I was sleeping well, I was spiritually sound, I was good hanging with me."

Until he spotted Alves, that is.

McConaughey was drinking margaritas with his pals, including Lance Armstrong, when she caught his eye.


"Out of the corner of my eye, this sort of aqua-green figure went floating across the frame about 20 feet in front of me," McConaughey recalled.

"My eye went up and I remember what came out of my mouth. I didn't say 'Who is that?' I went, 'What is that?' As I was trying to get her attention across the room, I went in my head, 'This is not the kind of woman you call over across the room, McConaughey. Get your ass out of your chair and go get her.' Which I did."