Kim Kardashian Makes Shocking Sex Confession About Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian's whirlwind romance with SNL alum Pete Davidson has ended in our current time, but he's still in the picture on The Kardashians. The latest episode of the Hulu series features a bit about Davidson and Kardashian that gave some viewers pause.

While speaking with her grandmother, MJ, alongside sister Khloe and mom Kris Jenner, Kardashian revealed a bit much about her sex life with Davidson. Safe to say somebody might want to do some cleaning.

"You know what's so crazy? Pete and I were staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel last weekend and we were sitting in front of the fireplace just talking for hours and I was like, 'My grandma told me that you really live life when you have sex in front of the fireplace,'" Kardashian says to her grandma. "And so we had sex in front of the fireplace in honor of you. I know that's really creepy."

Kardashian gets a fun response from MJ, who quickly questions the situation. "Not in the lobby?!," she asks Kardashian, which is quickly put to rest. But Kardashian did return to her "creepy" comment.

"How creepy to think about your grandma before you have sex," Kardashian pondered, while her sister shot some wild looks in her direction. Grandma MJ was not phased, though. "I know, but I was younger once."

Davidson might be gone from the family now, but his time connected to The Kardashians spawned plenty of love his way from the reality clan. While there was some worry that Kardashian was already plotting to get hitched to Davidson, the reality was his trip to space. This leads to some praise from Kris Jenner, calling Davidson "amazing" and that he brings "no drama, no stress" to the family and "fits in" with the group. "Pete brings out the best in her," she adds, talking about Kim Kardashian.

Davidson never did end up going to space, with Kardashian revealing that at the end of the episode. She also makes a reference to her ongoing divorce and drama with her ex Kanye West. "It sucks, I'm sure there's nothing more than Pete would love to get off of this planet right now and would love to go to space to get away from everyone," she tells the camera. "We're just filming our real lives, sometimes it's not the perfect ending."


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