Kim Kardashian Fans Think They've Discovered the Name of Her and Kanye's Baby Boy

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their fourth child on May 10, and fans are eager to know what the couple named their baby boy. So far, Kardashian hasn't revealed much about her youngest child, except that he looks a lot like her daughter Chicago, but fans are pretty sure she gave away the baby's unique moniker with an emoji.

Over the weekend, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared photos from her CBD and meditation-themed baby shower, as well as a glimpse into her mind pre-baby. She tweeted that she was "freaking out" before the baby's arrival, but said so far he's been really laid back. The 38-year-old E! TV personality concluded her message with a teddy bear emoji, when has some certain that she and West, 41, decided to name their son Bear.

A few fans even dove deep into potential meanings behind the name, noting that it would be a play on the navigational phrase "bear west," as in turn in that direction. The unusual name would be the perfect compliment to daughter North's directional name.

Other fans speculated that it was another homage to West's childhood home, Chicago. While the couple chose the city for one of their daughter's names, Chicago's home football team is the Bears. While it's unclear if West is a fan of the NFL team, it would be a fitting tribute.

Kardashian previously said on The Ellen Show that she wanted a one-syllable name for her son. She noted that both North and Saint have short names, and she shortens Chicago's to Chi. Bear is, as several fans noted, equally short.

Prior to the child's birth, it was widely speculated that Kardashian and West would name the baby Robert, after Kardashian's late father Robert Kardashian. Kim intensified this speculation during an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians in Bali, during which a medium told her the child would be a reincarnation of her dad. At the time, Kim questioned to family members if she should just name the baby that.

She also addressed the possibility on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, telling the show's host that she was toying with the idea. She noted, however, that it was merely a possibility. Kim said during the interview that she didn't feel the name would fit with her other kids names, but that she liked it as a way to honor both her father and brother.


Kim still hasn't given fans a glimpse of her son. She's likely to make the reveal in the coming days and will probably tell fans his name at that time.