Khloe Kardashian Tweets About Self-Improvement Amid Tristan Thompson Drama

Khloe Kardashian has been on a spree of cryptic social media posts in recent weeks, but she just [...]

Khloe Kardashian has been on a spree of cryptic social media posts in recent weeks, but she just got candid about self-improvement.

Early Saturday morning, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians personality fired off a series of tweets all about reflection and improving one's self.

She began by being thankful for her life and discussing how she takes in every experience, good or bad.

"I'm thankful for every moment I have!" Kardashian wrote. "I didn't used to be present enough to truly reflect on the beauty of it all! The highs, lows. I was simply going through the motions of life! Im thankful that I'm in a place where I truly appreciate every experience. Good, bad or indifferent."

Kardashian, who is in a rocky relationship with Tristan Thompson, then turned her attention to her followers, encouraging them to face their failures head-on.

"Be patient, tough and have faith," she said. "Someday [your] pain/struggles will be useful to you. Don't be afraid to fall apart or fail. [Cause], one day, the situation will open an opportunity for you to grow and rebuild yourself into the brilliant person you are capable of being."

The 34-year-old fashion entrepreneur used herself as an example, saying she is a "work in progress." She revealed she had particular regrets about her own reactions to others in the past.

"I hated the way I used to react to people or how I would speak to some," Kardashian wrote. "I'm still and forever a work in progress. That excites me!! Never am I working towards perfection because what is perfection anyways? Simply aiming to be better, With every stage of my life."

She continued, "There will never be a stage of life that does not contain new ways of evolving if you are open to being honest with your faults. Don't be embarrassed of them, be proud you are admitting to them and simply TRY to be a better version of yourself."

Kardashian then advised her followers to take advice from family and friends, even if it is not what you want to hear. She then turned her thoughts around to herself, pointing out that very recently she became upset at one of her sisters who confronted her about an issue.

"Allow yourself to listen to friends and family," Kardashian wrote. "Hear them when they try to help you. As long as we live there will be something more to learn. And as long as we follow our hearts and never stop evolving, we shall never turn older, but newer and more compassionate every day."

She added, "And please, by all means I'm not saying I'm super zen/perfect. Im saying that I believe in us constantly evolving. Recently, I responded to my sister in a super defensive way bc she hurt me so I snappped back. I want to get to a place where ones actions don't effect my own."

The E! personality then closed out her comments by saying that "knowledge is power" and "self awareness is beautiful."

"I am not the woman I was 5 months ago, 5 years ago etc," she wrote. "Thank God for that!"

Photo Credit: E!