Khloe Kardashian's Latest Cryptic Post Gains Attention Amid Tristan Thompson's Alleged Third Child News

Khloe Kardashian is letting it be known that she's unbothered and living in positivity amid reports that Tristan Thompson is preparing to be a father for the third time. Reports surfaced that Thompson is expecting his third child by a woman named Maralee Nichols, who is a personal trainer from Texas. The Daily Mail exclusively obtained court documents revealing that Nichols is due to give birth on Dec. 3 and suing the Sacramento Kings star for child support. Thompson admits to a sexual encounter with the woman in the court documents. Kardashian however posted a cryptic message just hours after another Thompson scandal made headlines.

"You are currently living at least one of the prayers you used to pray," she wrote. Thompson added in a separate post in her IG stories that she had no time for "negative energy." "I just don't have time for negative energy and even when I do, I still don't," she wrote.

But 5 hours before Kardashian's post, the expose was posted about Thompson. Text messages in court documents reveal that Thompson allegedly offered Nichols $75k to stay quiet regarding the pregnancy. He also tells Nichols that he's set to retire after this current NBA season, will not be involved in the child's life at all, and will only pay the minimum child support required.

Though Nichols is a former Texas resident, she now resides in LA. Thompson reportedly feels that Nichols moved from Texas to receive higher child support wages. He admits in the documents to having a one-night stand with Nichols. Nichols however claims she and Thompson spent five months together on and off. 

Nichols says she conceived Thompson's child in March. At the time, he was still said to be with Kardashian. Kardashian reportedly split with Thompson in June/July after reports surfaced about his alleged hookup with an Instagram influencer, Sydney Star. 


During the only Keeping Up With the Kardashian reunion special, Kardashian spoke on how she was able to move past trust issues with Thompson. She said that he spent a year wooing and courting her to forgive him following his previous cheating scandals. Though she hinted at not trusting him fully, she said at the time that he was actively trying to convince her he was trustworthy.