Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Reveal They Wound up on Nude Beach in Greece

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos didn't expect to stumble upon what they joked became the "best part" of their trip to Greece. The married Live With the Kelly and Mark hosts opened up about their vacation during Wednesday's episode, revealing that they accidentally stumbled upon a nude beach while hiking on a Greek island. 

"I forgot the best part of the hike," Ripa, 52, said. "Mark and I went on this other hike on this island and we stumbled accidentally upon a nude beach. And I don't mean a topless beach, I mean all nude, total nudity. And it's always guys and it's always... the wrong guys." Consuelos, 52, recalled seeing one person "literally doing a conference call naked" and noted that no one seemed to be applying sunscreen appropriately. "A lot of burnt franks and beans," Ripa clarified. "And then Mark thought he saw somebody he knew on the beach. He goes, 'Hey I think I saw so-and-so' – I don't want to blow up his spot – He goes, 'Am I right?' I'm like, 'I'm not turning around.'"

The Greek getaway also included the couple's 22-year-old daughter Lola, who traveled across the world with her parents as part of her birthday and graduation gift. Ripa and Consuelos also share sons Michael, 26, and Joaquin, 20. "We got to spend time with our daughter and her friends. And I'm looking at my daughter, who is 22 years old, who used to be – and I say this affectionately – such a pain," Consuelos explained. "Such a pain. But let me tell you, once they get a little bit older, the gift of hanging out with your adult children is so amazing. She was so great. We got to spend time with her."

Sunday, Ripa shared a look at her family's vacation on Instagram, posting a Reel including photos of her, her husband and their daughter in front of a sunset. It's the perfect group to travel with, Ripa added, because she and Consuelos especially have the exact same kind of vacation style. "We're not seeing people, we don't go out on the scene, we're not looking for the club. We like to hike and we like to go into places where there aren't a lot of people," she said Wednesday. "We like being out-numbered by goats."