Kathie Lee Gifford 'Couldn't Be Happier' for Son Cody's Engagement to Girlfriend

Congratulations are in order. Kathie Lee Gifford's eldest child, son Cody Gifford, is engaged.

The former TODAY host shared the exciting news on Twitter on Sunday. She posted a photo of her 29-year-old son and his new fiancé, Erika Brown, writing how thrilled she was for the couple.

Gifford's photo showed Cody and Brown sharing a kiss with the engagement ring on full display.

Brown also shared a post about the news, posting the same picture on her own Instagram. She included the hashtag, "#loveisthegreatestgiFFt." The tag appears to be a play on her fiancée Cody's last name, and is the name of Kathie Lee's wine.

Cody's younger sister, Cassidy, posted another picture of the happy couple which focused more on the ring. She wrote that she is "So excited for what God has in store for these two." Cassidy, 25, called Brown her "already sister," and welcomed her "into the craziness."

The shared excitement of the entire Gifford family should come as no surprise to those who follow them closely. They are a tight-knit family, and make a habit of celebrating one another's successes and joyous moments. In April, Cody and Cassidy — whose father is the late NFL star Frank Gifford — posted a sweet goodbye message to their mother, who left TODAY after more than a decade co-hosting alongside Hoda Kotb.

In the video message, the pair gushed about their mother's work ethic. Cody and Cassidy both touted her kindness above all, as well as her talent.

"To you, mom is a TV legend. To us, she is a legendary mom," Cody said, praising his mom as "kind, giving ... wonderfully talented." He added that growing up with her was "a lot like what you'd expect."

"Her kindness is, you know, it's something that she leads with," Cassidy added. "She's one of the kindest people on the planet."

The video concluded with Gifford's children sharing a few life lessons they learned from her growing up. Cassidy's was especially touching, centering on having a "purpose" and working hard.


"If you have a pulse, you have a purpose," Cassidy said. "[I learned] to always be the kindest human being there. Even if you're not the most talented, but if you're the kindest and the hardest working and that your time is never more valuable than anybody else's."

TODAY aired the video in a final segment featuring Gifford. When the clip ended, the camera panned back to Gifford and Kotb, both of whom were sobbing, Entertainment Tonight noted.