'Big Bang Theory' Star Kaley Cuoco Reveals How Her Wedding Was Almost Ruined

The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco's wedding to Karl Cook back in June was almost ruined thanks to Smooshy, their miniature horse.

While on The Late Late Show with James Corden this week, Cuoco explained that Smooshy had no problem walking down the aisle during rehearsals. They put a sign reading "Here comes the bride" around Smooshy's neck, since she was to walk down the aisle in front of Cuoco. But when the time came for the real thing, Smooshy did not want to move.

"All of a sudden, I hear like a quiet in the crowd and I see my wedding planner in the corner going [into a walkie talkie], 'Smooshy will not walk down the aisle. Smooshy is standing,'" Cuoco said. "Smooshy did not want to move with the sign."

"Do you know why?" Corden asked. "Because it's a horse. That is the main reason."

Cuoco defended her expectations, noting that Smooshy was fine during rehearsals. But Corden said Smooshy had no idea she was at rehearsal.

Cuoco admitted that it was the sign, because Smooshy did not rehearse with the sign.

"Think about it. If you did a Big Bang Theory rehearsal and had the whole cast in there and they went, 'Right, let's film it, just wear this plank over your face,' you've be like 'Well, this changes everything!'" Corden joked.

During an appearance on The Talk this week, Cuoco told the same story, and explained that Smooshy eventually agreed to walk down the aisle.

"I'm like, 'What's going on?' because I can't really see, and it's become, like, this hush around the crowd because she [Smooshy] just stood there [at the top of the aisle]…," she said. "But everyone had their cameras up, [and] it ended up being one of the cutest moments [of the day]. Eventually, she scooted on, but she really took her time with that!"

Cuoco and Cook tied the knot on June 30 in Rancho Santa Fe, California, with many of her Big Bang Theory co-stars in the crowd. Even Johnny Galecki, who Cuoco dated offscreen, was there.

The final season of The Big Bang Theory starts Monday on CBS at 8 p.m. ET. Cuoco told Corden she hopes that by the time show is over, the infamous broken elevator is finally fixed.


"The stairs have gotten more and more exhausting as our seasons have gone on," she explained. "You know, season 1 and 2, we're running up there. Now it's season 12. We're all a little bit older. A little more difficult getting up those steps, so I'd like that elevator to work."

Photo credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images