Kaley Cuoco's Husband Karl Cook Shares Candid Photo of Her Napping to Mark Her Birthday

Kaley Cuoco's husband Karl Cook has shared a candid photo of the actress napping, to mark her birthday. Taking to Instagram, Cook posted the image, which sees the former Big Bang Theory star completely passed out in a chair. Cuoco was clearly very tired, as she fell asleep while wearing jeans and tennis shoes.

"Happy birthday angel love of my life," Cook exclaimed in the post's caption. "You always know how to find the lens! You're an amazing woman and I love everyday together!" Always one to appreciate a good joke, Cuoco commented on the post with show "cry laughing" face emojis and some red kiss lips.

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Cuoco also posted about her birthday, taking to Instagram as well to share that she started her "birthday off with a nice kick in the a— courtesy of" her trainer, Ryan Sorensen. Cuoco also shared a video clip of what her adoring husband got her as a gift for her special day. "I think I'm the only girl that receives this kind of gift from her hubs...a custom (YES he made it ) mounting block made from salvaged wood, for our ranch, embedded with my horses actual shoes. For non horse people, this is something used to help get on your horses and it's nothing short of amazing!"

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While she is most well known for her role as Penny on The Big Bang Theory, Cuoco is now trying her hand at more dramatic fair, starring in the new HBO Max series, The Flight Attendant. While speaking with her old 8 Simple Rules... co-star David Spade, for Interview magazine, Cuoco opened up about what it was that drew her into the project. "I was flipping through Amazon one afternoon, and I saw a sentence for this book, The Flight Attendant. On the cover was a blonde who kind of looked like me, and the plot was something like 'fun-loving, drunk flight attendant wakes up next to a dead body and doesn't know what to do next and flees.'"


She continued, "So I called my team and I said, 'You guys, I just read the most amazing book,' even though I did not read it. I said, 'Can we maybe check the rights to this?' And they said, 'Okay, so you read it and this is a book you want?' I'm like, 'Oh, yeah.' I had still not read it. I just had a feeling. Six months later, I had the rights." Finally, Cuoco revealed, "By then I had read it, and Warner Bros. partnered me with Greg Berlanti's company, which is the best thing that ever happened to me. They made it fly, as they say."