Jordan Fisher and Fiancee Ellie Woods Admit 'Pandemic Has Done Nothing But Make Us Closer' (Exclusive)

While the pandemic has not been kind to all couples, some are taking this time to benefit from it in regards to their relationship. Jordan Fisher and fiancée Ellie Woods haven't had it easy having to postpone their wedding, but the sweet pair have chosen to look at the positives. In an exclusive interview with, Fisher admitted that the pandemic has actually made the couple closer and that they still plan on having a wedding sooner rather than later.

"No, we're not, we're just over it," Fisher said when asked if they were heated over having to push all of their plans back, noting they were just "ready to get married. That's really it." The two were supposed to say "I do" in July in Hawaii, but due to the current climate with the coronavirus still in play, and July being one of the months that was still deemed a pandemic, the two pushed their special day back.

"We're still gonna have that. [...] We'll have some big, like, banquet, maybe at the location that we were going to get married, which is right by the resort that everybody's staying. It's like, it's one of those that just going to turn into something else and we're getting married in November, and we're still just getting married. So how effective can we be in that way? And the pandemic has done nothing but make us closer because we're together all day, every day now."

Fisher further detailed how the couple has gotten so used to him being gone, and he says he always missed home in years prior, but now, they've had so much time together while he's been able to enjoy spending time at home. While Fisher's loving every second he can at his house in Los Angeles, he is ready and eager to see things start rolling again in the world of entertainment and production. "[...] Right now, I'm thrilled the semblance of normality that we get to feel with productions kind of starting to get back in order and people going off and filming things again. It'll be very different, and the vibe is very, it's altered a little bit just with the masks and the face masks and the constant COVID testing and this and that [and] the other. But it's nice to have some semblance of normality."


In the meantime, Fisher has continued to stay busy. Recently, he partnered with Verizon to help break down the language and excitement surrounding Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband in order to make it easier for consumers who are confused on the topic to understand better. "So what we basically did was we took the notion of 5G; What is 5g? [...] Where tech is concerned, a lot of people just kind of get scared of it, and they're like, 'I don't know what these words mean' [...] So we got together and came up with a handful of different videos that kind of explain in layman's terms, what all it is."

Not only is 5G going to revolutionize the way we know service today, but it's going to allow gamers — like Fisher — to game on-the-go, along with a slew of other things. For more on Jordan Fisher and you're other favorite celebrities, make sure you keep it locked in at