Jordan Fisher Breaks Down 5G Language for Fans Following Partnership With Verizon (Exclusive)

Jordan Fisher is one of the most talented actors, producers and content creators in Hollywood [...]

Jordan Fisher is one of the most talented actors, producers and content creators in Hollywood right now. But he's also very familiar with the world of technology. The multitalented star partnered with Verizon to break down the language and excitement surrounding Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband and gave a little insight into how he's going to make it easy to understand for consumers. In an exclusive interview for our series, PopCulture @ Home, Fisher detailed what he and Verizon have in store for fans and why this partnership was so important to him.

"I'm really excited," Fisher said before breaking down what he looks for in professional partnerships. "I think as a content creator, as a producer, as an actor, as an artist, anybody that is looking for partnerships and collaborations or vice versa from whatever company might reach out to you and your team, the thing that you typically wanna look for — for the most part — is authenticity in these relationships. Authenticity in these partnerships and that is frankly, all I have time for. You do the little mundane things from time to time for the paycheck or the whatever, but what I really want are relationships and partnerships that make sense so that I can actually be genuinely excited about it and talk about it at this capacity like we are right now."

Being someone who's in the "gaming space" as Fisher said, he understands that world better than some. He's also passionate about technology — something several of us struggle to understand, especially when it comes to 5G. However, 5G will transform the way consumers experience events — we've all been frustrated at a live game or concert when our picture or video won't post fast enough, or the video we're trying to view won't load. Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband will change that.

Like many, any details past the words "5G" mean nothing, but not to Fisher. "We'd love to be in a space where we can hold up our hand and out comes the projection, and we can see somebody that we love and have a conversation like that. There's all that movie stuff but how we actually get there requires the baby steps, and Verizon is taking a very large leap in this way where accessibility and speed are concerned."

He continued, "So what we basically did was we took the notion of 5G; What is 5G? [...] Where tech is concerned, a lot of people just kind of get scared of it and they're like, 'I don't know what these words mean' [...] So we got together and came up with a handful of different videos that kind of explain in layman's terms, what all it is."

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