Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel Reveal Their Newly Completed Home

After months of build-up and anticipation, Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel have finally unveiled their renovated Los Angeles dream home! In the latest issue of Scott and his twin brother Drew's magazine, Drew + Jonathan Reveal, out June 24, the couple showed off the newly finished home and from the looks of it, the humble abode is a real oasis.

After meeting on an episode of Carpool Karaoke, the pair has been dating since August 2019. They purchased their five-bedroom Los Angeles home in June 2020 and have worked on renovating it since then.

The house immediately captured their hearts. "As soon as we pulled into the driveway, we knew this house was special," Deschanel said in the cover story. The 1938 Georgian property was dubbed "Park House" by Deschanel's kids, Charlie Wolf and Elsie Otter, whom she shares with ex-husband Jacob Pechenik. "When we brought the kids here, they asked, 'Are we living in a park? '" Scott said.

"I grew up in a 1920s Spanish-style house, and I've always loved older homes," Deschanel said in the April 6 issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal. "Modern is cool, but it doesn't have the same draw for me. I love the character of old houses, the personality."

In the two years of intensive work to renovate and customize the home, "It was really hands-on for both of us," Deschanel noted. "Many Saturdays, we sat searching for the right details to add to this home." The New Girl alum focused on interior design and overall style, while The Property Brothers star focused on his expertise in construction. 

According to Drew + Jonathan Reveal, Scott said he and Deschanel wanted to retain as much of the home's original character as possible "to pay homage to the architect [Gerard Colcord] and what was intended with the property." However, the house needed updating after "two choppy additions in the 1970s and 1980s." The homeowners rebuilt it to comply with modern fire safety codes and to correct its outdated structures, but they managed to preserve its original integrity through clever design.

The entryway, for instance, has a vintage chandelier added to match the era of the original construction. The kitchen and breakfast room also are connected by a Gothic archway, a hallmark of Colcord's work that contributes to the home's historical preservation.

Scott described the home as a "genius house" rather than a smart home, with several sustainable elements, including Tesla solar roof tiles. "It still looks like it could be a 100-year-old home, but it's now LEED-certified and will end up using less grid energy than a small apartment," he said. 

The couple carefully selected every detail, including the cactus wallpaper in Deschanel's colorful office to the antique chairs in the kitchen area."We spent a long time figuring out the best details to make each room special," Deschanel said in Drew + Jonathan Reveal's April article. "At first glance, you'd think this could all be original. That's what we're going for." The house boasts a double-height entryway including a traditional staircase and vintage chandelier, a kitchen boasting green cabinetry, and ample prep space, with what Scott calls "the largest island ever built."

With the massive project completed, the couple is free to relax and appreciate the fruits of their labor. "This is a house that suits our tastes and needs, aesthetically and functionally," Deschanel said. "Jonathan is so amazing at figuring that out. He's been doing it for his clients for so long, and now he's done that for us and our family."