JoJo Siwa Dishes on 'Trauma' From Her Previous Relationship

The dancer and singer says she's tainted in the love department.

Breaking up is hard to do. And if the relationship was volatile, moving on and trusting another potential partner can be even harder. Dance Moms alum JoJo Siwa is opening up about how her last relationship has damaged her a bit. Siwa has had quite a few public romances since coming out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. She opened up about her woes in love while appearing on the Call Her Daddy podcast, saying that when it comes to love, "I'm very scared of it now." 

She famously dated Kylie Prew on and off from February 2021 to June 2022. She was also tied to Katie Mills briefly. In September 2022, the dancer and artist went TikTok official with Avery Cyrus, but within two months, they were done. She's been single since. But she says she remains in contact with "My ex, per usual." The ex she's referring to is Prew, who Siwa says is "my good partner, who is my ex, but is my good friend." Prew helped Siwa come out publicly. Siwa says she's now in her "bad girl" era with the release of her latest single "Karma" and in a phase of transition from teen pop songstress to a grown woman. 

While on the podcast, Siwa discussed fully living with an ex, saying it happened at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine. "She came to California and then I was like, don't leave," Siwa recalled. "Two weeks turned into four weeks, turned into eight weeks, turned into nine months. Then, we were a married couple at 17 and 16, we had to break up." They were living with Siwa's parents, which she says in hindsight wasn't a good idea.

She says her mother now says: "I should have never allowed my 16-year-old's partner to live with us. That was not healthy for you. Much less her and her family. Someone should have put their foot down. But no one at the time felt it was right to."

Later, she says things grew toxic. "Our getting together was very public. Our official relationship was very public. Our breakup was very public," Siwa said, without specifying which ex. "There has been a lot that went down that if this microphone wasn't on, I would tell you what she did, what she told me anonymously," Siwa added. "But I had to have my security team handle it."